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Having great feedback is every sellers dream senario, be that on Amazon or eBay. Having the right feedback management tool for your store is very important.

Overview Bazaarvoice is a software helps respond to customers for their query, feedback or problems. Collect authentic feedback from the buyers and leverage the review for more sales. Respond to customers with the help of Bazaarvoice portal immediately. Bazaarvoice allows customers to ask a query for a product, and store owner can respond with the […]


Overview Customer Sure is a feedback software which helps understand customer experience through the process of business. The software helps businesses improve customer experience by understanding the issues with the help of data visualisation, assisting support team to respond immediately and also eliminates the root of the problem at once. Customer Sure monitors the feedback […]

Client Heartbeat

Overview Client Heartbeat is cloud-based feedback management which measures customer satisfaction and understands the soft point of the business. Create a customised survey or just choose the questions from templates and collect the data necessary for your business. Identify the unhappy customers, send them an immediate help to solve the issue and make sure that […]


Overview Reevoo is a feedback management solution. Reevoo has content generation feature that creates relevant, trusted and engaging content in no time. Content is always a king, that helps in branding and also throughout the buying journey. Reevoo gathers reviews and ratings from customers and thus helping potential buyers by giving insights and experiences regarding […]


Overview Yotpo is a feedback management tool which helps to leverage the review to enhance sales. The reviews can be collected with simple forms, email, ratings, and Q&A. The widgets can be created to review on the website, which helps customers to give their feedback faster. Collect more reviews by offering discount coupons or gifts. […]


Overview Qualtrics is an Experience management solution. With Qualtrics you can make important decisions with product pricing and brand tracking. Make complex research simple and ease with Qualtrics, as it combines powerful features like 100+ question types with a robust logic with ease of use. You can easily collect feedback from the customer, employees, partner […]

Verified Reviews

Overview Verified Reviews is an online tool which helps to collect reviews, testimonials or feedback from client or customer and obtained reviews are sharable in the website or social media platforms. This will improve the relationship between a customer and the owner. The collected data can be further analysed and get valuable feedback which helps […]


Overview Mopinion is a feedback solution tool, With Mopinion business owners can analyse and customers feedback from the website and mobile applications. It is an all-in-one feedback solution which helps you to run strategy, enhance online channels and enable digital presence with better decision making. Using Mopinion you can create forms, email surveys, embed feedback […]


Overview Medallia is a customer feedback management system for all types of businesses. Medallia is very effective in improving the system by collecting the feedback of the customer. Sneek in multiple channels to gather a large-good amount of data to give you in-depth insights about your data in real-time. This will help improve customer satisfaction […]