Bazaarvoice is a software helps respond to customers for their query, feedback or problems. Collect authentic feedback from the buyers and leverage the review for more sales. Respond to customers with the help of Bazaarvoice portal immediately. Bazaarvoice allows customers to ask a query for a product, and store owner can respond with the solution. Also, get the answers from verified source, companies or brand experts hence increasing the confidence of the buyer. This also helps in identifying potential buyers. Share the Q&A across multiple market place or retail shops as well.

Bazaarvoice helps to build a connection with brands and customers. When a potential customer sees a negative or bad review along with the positive response from the brand itself gains the trust of a potential buyer. Although there is a bad review, the buyer won’t hesitate to make a purchase because of the confidence given by the brand itself. Bazaarvoice has a network of data where you can understand what consumers are looking and surprise them with personalized recommendations of the product.


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Customisation of software is not available. However, basic design elements like font, colour, border, and background settings can be customised.


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