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Having great feedback is every sellers dream senario, be that on Amazon or eBay. Having the right feedback management tool for your store is very important.

Overview GetFeedback by survey monkey is an online survey solution and customer experience solution. You can create eye-catching mobile-friendly surveys using the drag-and-drop option. Send across these surveys over SMS, email, Social Media and also in your website with the omnichannel distribution. Customise your own dashboards to analyse these surveys. Not just surveys you can […]

Feedback Express

Overview Feedback Express is a cloud-based complete feedback solution that helps Amazon sellers to automate product reviews and seller feedback. It helps in enhancing buyer communication. It also helps you with optimising your store to BuyBox by increasing product visibility. You can even receive alerts regarding reviews to your phone, this gives utmost accessibility to […]

SellerLabs Feedback Genius

Overview SellerLabs Feedback Genius is a complete feedback solution specially made for Amazon sellers. Feedback Genius assists you with feedback management, product reviews and reputation management. Its automation feature asks your customers to provide feedback, reviews and more. Feedback Genius lets you contact your buyers at the right time, this enhances the buying experience. Some […]


Overview AMZAlert is a feedback management solution. One must tool for Amazon sellers. AMZAlert notifies you about Buybox actions, Bad reviews, product suppressions, price changes, scammers and many more. The sole purpose of AMZAlert is amazon product monitoring. AMZAlert is not only meant for sending alerts you can even automate instant Cease & Desist message […]


Overview MirrorWave is a feedback management system, unlike traditional method the MirrorWave uses simple three questions to understand the customer or client satisfaction. Not just when the customer has issues, but the MirrorWave does this periodically to reconnect and check the bigger picture. MirrorWave focus on long-term healthy relationships and hence strong business customers or […]

BQool Feedback

Overview BQool Feedback is a software from the SaaS Company which was invented to provide Amazon sellers access to the most innovative solutions. By helping the dynamic pricing, competitor research, feedback and review management for finding out the most profitable products in the list BQool Feedback tool provides mesmerizing support to its sellers. These features […]


Overview UseResponse is a customer feedback management software which makes easy to collect reviews of products or services from customers or clients. Customers can send ideas, suggestions from users without creating an account. The platform enables help desk which can be useful to solve the issues for customers. The UseResponse uses AI to detect the […]


Overview Survicate is customer feedback survey tools which help in understanding trend, customer’s mindset and identify what customer love. Create surveys to understand the market by asking simple few questions to buyers. Collect all the data and improve the product. Increase customer satisfaction and hence an increase in sales. Create a feedback button with the […]


Overview Feedbackfive is a feedback management service provider that allows us to solicit customers for reviews on online retail sites most remarkably Amazon. The tool helps the online stores to receive relevant feedback from the customers, encourage feedback from the customers and balance the negative feedbacks to a minimum so that the product will be […]