BQool Feedback is a software from the SaaS Company which was invented to provide Amazon sellers access to the most innovative solutions. By helping the dynamic pricing, competitor research, feedback and review management for finding out the most profitable products in the list BQool Feedback tool provides mesmerizing support to its sellers. These features allow the user to improve seller ratings on Amazon to increase the product reviews and potentially the sales.

With an excellent customer support team, the service provider gives its customers the answers to the questions from around the world advisors. With the more professional representatives in the customer support team, the tool is becoming highly recommendable and reliable in making the most of it.
BQool has pretty email management with the price plans for sending emails for a small amount. But exceeding the number of emails can cost a penny. The email templates are also overwhelming as they have default email templates that don’t need prior editing. Bqool helps to find the ideal email subject and the perfect time to send emails with AI power. This will maximise the feedback and reviews. Measure the performance with visualization in the dashboard and get an insight into the business.


Free trial

14-day free trial, no credit card required.



500 emails – $10 per month (billed monthly) – $9 per month (billed annually)
2000 emails – $25 per month (billed monthly) – $22.5 per month (billed annually)
5000 emails – $50 per month (billed monthly) – $45 per month (billed annually)
10000 emails – $75 per month (billed monthly) – $67.5 per month (billed annually)
20000 emails – $100 per month (billed monthly) – $90 per month (billed annually)

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Customize email template, campaigns and basic design.


Native Integrations

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Easy of Use

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