SellerLabs Feedback Genius is a complete feedback solution specially made for Amazon sellers. Feedback Genius assists you with feedback management, product reviews and reputation management. Its automation feature asks your customers to provide feedback, reviews and more. Feedback Genius lets you contact your buyers at the right time, this enhances the buying experience. Some of the important of SellerLabs feedback genius include automated messages, actionable message analytics, ordered events, seller feedback notifications, backlist buyers, A/B testing, Amazon marketplaces, proven email templates and message delivery filters.

Free trial

– Offers 30-days of a free trial
– Access to 100 messages, delivery based messages, feedback tracking, messages can be sent for 1 marketplace.
– You will have access to the essential plan during the last 7 days of your trial period.
– No credit card required



Essentials: Completely free
Features include 100 messages and 1 Marketplace
Startup: $20/month
Features include 1000 messages and $10 for each additional marketplace.
Growth: $40/month
Features include 3000 messages and $10 for each additional marketplace.
Premium: $80/month
Features include 10,000 messages and $10 for each additional marketplace.
High volume: $250/month
Includes 60,000 messages and $10 for each additional marketplace.

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Customise message templates

Native Integrations



Easy of Use

Setup Time