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Having great feedback is every sellers dream senario, be that on Amazon or eBay. Having the right feedback management tool for your store is very important.

Overview Wootric is a Customer Feedback management software, which evaluates Voice of Customer (VoC) to help get deep insights into your business. At first, the software gathers data from customer experience from placing an order to delivery. Later, use machine learning techniques, micro surveys, survey via Email, In-app, Mobile, SMS and Intercom Messenger to get […]

Survey Monkey

Overview Survey Monkey is an online survey platform, where you can launch any kind of survey’s like market analysis, polls, or feedback. Allows you to target any kind of audience you like and get a clarity of your analysis. The Survey Monkey is an automated tool, all you need to do is define rules, set […]

Survey Legend

Overview Survey Legend is an online survey engaging platform, It is suitable an individual, mid-rise or large businesses. With this tool, one can create beautiful yet mobile-friendly surveys. Survey Legend offers drag-and-drop options for creating questionnaires and need no programming skills. Surveys can be customised with eye-catching and insightful graphics. Free trial There is a […]


Overview Nicereply is an all-in-one customer feedback solution tool. With this business owners can get real-time customer feedback, with the help of CSAT(Customer Satisfaction Score), CES(Customer Effort Score) and NPS(Net Promoter Score) feedback owners can understand their customers. It has detailed API, statistics on ratings. One can customize surveys with company branding and / or […]


Overview Feedbackly is a complete feedback solution and customer experience tool designed for business with different sizes. This multichannel distribution tool has visual customization, survey notifications, feedback inbox and this helps the user to create surveys that react and adopts to customer responses in real-time. Additional features such as visual Analytics, Data Export, Multi-User accounts […]

Feedback Lite

Overview Feedback Lite is a customer engagement application were helpful in creating surveys and customer feedback. Very effective in data collection and hence greater ROI. Helpful in business analysis via a feedback management system and identify the future customer. Using Feedback Lite we can run multiple campaigns or surveys on a different website. Advanced audience […]


Overview 7 Geese is Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and project management solution. It helps managers and employees to grow with lightweight continuous and structured 360 feedback. 7Geese has monitoring system and goal-setting feature which fulfils performance management by tracking objectives and analyzing key results. This primitive purpose allows organizations to keep their employees aligned […]


Overview Echospan 360 Degree is a feedback solution tool for organizations to help employees about their professional strengths and opportunities by collecting feedback from their co-workers. This platform identifies the need to connect every employee, clients and other interest parties in the process through their feedback so that continuous improvement can be achieved in the […]

xSellco Feedback

Overview xSellco Feedback is an automated feedback solution for Amazon, eBay or any online sellers. With the help of API, you can integrate xSellco Feedback to your online store. You can add unlimited market places for free. xSellco Feedback allow sellers to collect reviews and respond quickly to there customers. The system targets its most […]