Optimum Feedback is an online Reputation or Brand Management software for businesses where you can monitor, analyze the reviews, hashtags, and compare with your competitors from social media, blogs, or anywhere on the Internet locally. With the help of collected data, Optimum Feedback provides important business strategies by creating email campaigns, customer engagement, and more. Overall Optimum Feedback makes sure the brand’s standing and positive reviews.

Sentiment Based marketing using media by sending highly targeted messaging to different groups based on how they felt about business regardless of there previous experience. Multi-Stage Marketing by creating campaigns to ensure full satisfaction of the customer. Nowadays it is very important to know how the customers feel at each and every stage of business. Optimum Feedback has all the tools to monitor and hence manage the reputation of the business.

Free trial

– Optimum package Free For 14 Days



– No charges for white-labelling, API or additional feature usage
– Unlimited free locations for your trials and demos. Only pay for locations marked as active
– You only pay for each active client location in your account. A location is defined as a physical address, location or business that receives reviews or feedback.
– Accounts with less than 5 locations will be billed a monthly minimum of $150.

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Custom Branding
Custom Email
Custom SMS Sender IDs


Native Integrations

– CRM Systems
– Deep integrations into your CRM
– Build segmented multi-channel marketing campaigns
– Yelp
– Trip Advisor
– Avvo
– Open Table
– Lawyers.com
– Edmuns.com
– Angie’s List
– Zendesk
– Facebook
– Google

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Easy of Use

Setup Time