Medallia is a customer feedback management system for all types of businesses. Medallia is very effective in improving the system by collecting the feedback of the customer. Sneek in multiple channels to gather a large-good amount of data to give you in-depth insights about your data in real-time. This will help improve customer satisfaction so the business. Complex business or organisation model can be easily structured and drive the right insight into the suitable employee or team.

Medallia also reengages the customers by multi-channels like social media, email and other types of channels. AI and machine learning identifies the patterns, find the potential risk and optimizing experiences at all stage of the business process. Coupled with good analytics which enables to digest the data and presents with an actionable goal. Identify the fault within the system and analytics will help in meaningful actions. Features like “Ask Now” will get instant answers from customers so that you can be ahead of needs.


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Native Integrations

Medallia offers integration with Customer relationship management software, no need for separate credentials for solving customer issues with the help CRM’s.

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