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Overview eDesk is a help desk solution designed to tackle the demands of e-Commerce. eDesk helps e-commerce business to centralize and manage all their support operations, information tools and other capabilities. eDesk has a centralized inbox wherein all relevant information such as shipping, social channels and order information can be stored. It suits for all […]

Zoho Desk

Overview Zoho Desk is a web-based help desk software that gives you the ability to manage your customer support quickly and smoothly, all on one system. Within Zoho Desk you can make change to your helpdesk tickets easily, by assigning to a certain team member, tracking the status, and setting up alerts. It offers integration […]


Overview Hiver is a tool for any size business where you can collaborate all your teams inbox into one, without having to change between apps and emails. It is designed to help you handle your customer support easily all from within your Gmail. You can instantly view all your emails and queries, assign them to […]


Overview Helpscout is a cloud-based helpdesk solution aimed at businesses of all sizes, with a standard shared inbox for you and your team. Your teams will be able to communicate with clients in an easy and fast manner via multiple channels, making it a smooth process where customers will not need to wait hours to […]


Overview Zendesk is a an easy to use, varied feature customer service software. You can create tickets within your website, within Zendesk or from any social platform such as Facebook or Twitter and any device. You can access all social media tickets through Zendesks dashboard itself, without having to log into the relevant platform. It […]

Logmein Rescue

Overview Logmein Rescue is a seamless remote support system, helping you solve all customer queries without barriers. It gives your team the power to access a device in 20 seconds or less, without any pre-installed software, regardless of the device’s operating system. It offers mobile support for more devices than any other remote support provider, […]


Overview Freshdesk is a help desk solution designed to make delivering quality customer support easier for your business. It offers multi-channel features and supports. So that your support team can communicate with your customers through email, phone, live chat, forums and social media all alongside your ticketing helpdesk which is integrated with all of these […]