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Overview Workamajig is creative agency software for both in-house and agencies. The cloud software enables agency management, resource management and CRM. Workamajig ensures no communication ever missed. The modern UI design helps to access the platform from Phone, Tablet or laptops with ease. Relationship between the owner and potential customer can be well established and […]


Overview Mavenlink is a project management software platform for project-based services to collaborate with all aspects of online business like resource planning, management and accounting. The software is great for services related to public relation, IT services, management consulting and educational institutions as well. Mavenlink monitors the life-cycle of entire projects which involves relationship management, […]


Overview Adzooma analyses online advertising campaigns 24/7 and identifies where money spent wasted in seconds. Optimise the ad campaign in a single click. Founded in 2013 makes it well trusted and experienced in the ad campaign sector. Adzooma analyses the ad campaign and gives a solution for maximum profitability Adzooma Manage and optimise Google and […]

xSellco Feedback

Overview xSellco Feedback is an automated feedback solution for Amazon, eBay or any online sellers. With the help of API, you can integrate xSellco Feedback to your online store. You can add unlimited market places for free. xSellco Feedback allow sellers to collect reviews and respond quickly to there customers. The system targets its most […]


Overview Unbounce is a landing page platform, It lets users create their own landing pages without the aid of a developer to code pages. It’s a good way to get more conversion rate. Unbounce has a drag-and-drop feature that lets the user create desired pages by choosing among 100+ templates. Templates are customisable with optional […]

Optimum Feedback

Overview Optimum Feedback is an online Reputation or Brand Management software for businesses where you can monitor, analyze the reviews, hashtags, and compare with your competitors from social media, blogs, or anywhere on the Internet locally. With the help of collected data, Optimum Feedback provides important business strategies by creating email campaigns, customer engagement, and […]


Overview HubSpot is a complete marketing and sales solution for a company or an enterprise. It offers software for sales, marketing, and customer service with completely free CRM. HubSpot CRM is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps to create and maintain contact database and company profiles. It neatly organizes every minute detail from customer and […]

Feedback Genius

Overview Feedback Genius is an automated customer relationship management solution for Amazon sellers. The software helps to get in touch with your customers automatically and save a lot of time. Feedback Genius help in getting the product review by customers and feedback, so that many sellers reviews & feedback gone high because of Feedback Genius. […]

Repricer Express

Overview Repricer Express is an online repricing solution for amazon or eBay sellers. Designed to automate the pricing and hence you can sell more products on Amazon or eBay. So that you don’t have to monitor pricing the whole day. Many sellers from amazon and eBay have benefited with the help of Repricer Express by […]