As we have a lot of marketplaces it has been a difficult task to manage all the products at the same time. So to bring all the products in a single platform Shopify is integrating with Amazon and eBay. In the market, it’s tough to move everything from one marketplace to other so Shopify is integrated with Amazon. So you don’t have to move products, payments, domains and order fulfilment from time to time. To increase sales selling on both platforms is a great idea. If amazon shuts down your account for any technical reasons it is better to sell products in two places to be safe from instant sales loss.


Integrating Shopify with amazon

Seller dynamics helps us to integrate or connect amazon and Shopify into a single platform. In addition to that, it also confines all your orders and inventory managed in a single place. This, in turn, helps in running your business much easier.

Benefits of Shopify account

Opening an account with Shopify is way easier when compared to the Amazon. 

  • Straightforward configuration

When we researched in google about the Shopify app users they simply loved Shopify.  With a large number of plans to choose sellers to have a wide range of choices with Shopify. In addition, the prices start from very less amount and the commissions are levied too. Adding products are also an easy task with Shopify.

  • Better SEO optimisation

SEOShopify’s Search engine optimisation is one of the best to make you stand out of the crowd. The keywords can be edited easily and moreover Shopify has made the setting up of SEO data simple. 

  • Business system integration

With a little development job, Shopify functions as a single platform that can connect with other business systems easily. Furthermore, this extensible feature makes it more beloved for the sellers.

  • Optimised with all the gadgets

By optimising to use in all the gadgets, Shopify app ensures its sellers round the clock customer support. You can reach to the support desk through phone, email and even through online chat. 

The most significant benefit is that in the middle of the third party customers through 

  • Attractive pricing plans

Shopify offers its customers attractive price plans. If you want to start with Shopify you have to subscribe to any of the plans. This can go up to a hundred pounds per month according to your needs. 

  • Easily customisable themes

Shopify has great themes collection that we can purchase easily. Many of these themes are free themes and it is an amazing idea to select one of these if you are looking forward to a budgeted business or time saver.

  • Easy addition of productsstore

In Shopify, the addition of the products to the Shopify interface is made easy. When adding product you have to stitch the title, description and appropriate images. 

The more we give quality information we can drive genuine customers to our products and sales.

  • Extensible

The extensible feature makes it more dear to the customers. If we are using multiple marketplaces to increase your sales its tough to maintain the same. So the customers are looking forward to a single platform to manage all their marketplaces with a single dashboard. Shopify makes it possible by the extensible feature. Shopify can connect with Amazon and many other marketplaces to make our sales easier.


Migrating to Amazon with Shopify is a great idea as both will increase the sales of the products. We hope this guide will help you to get integrate your amazon sales with Shopify to come up with a perfect profit margin. This gives high confidence to grow the online business. Check our blog on How to Dropship at $0 Budget