How to Dropship at $0 Budget

Dropshipping now has become a lot easier and more accessible than before. Yes, It has drawbacks, but it has never stopped growing famous in setting up an online store with really less or no investment.
Dropshipping is not that hard to manage or that complex to understand even a small business owner or start-up can adopt. It doesn’t require you to purchase stocks and store them. It ensures completely hassle-free inventory management. You can never be worried about storing stocks that might never sell.

Selecting products to sell on Dropshipping

You cannot sell online unless you have products to sell. Those products should be lightweight, less complex, and should be within $100 to $200. Shipping charges will have a more share in your profits. So choosing products to dropship is very important.
By selecting products within the range of $100-$200, you will make enough profit per product, and you need to sell thousands of products to make your profits. If you are wondering where to choose products from, please consider looking at Oberlo, Ali Express, and Amazon’s top seller list.

Where to launch your Dropshipping business?

If you are the first-paced entrepreneur running at a $0 budget, then using hosted platforms like Woo Commerce and WordPress will be a better option. If you are technically savvy and love building websites, you may have to invest a few dollars on plugins, Softwares, and templates.

To begin your dropshipping business, considering Shopify hosting service would be a better and much cheaper option. Shopify is an open-source platform and has many free apps and themes that help your store running.

Please have a clear understanding of the features and services of Shopify.

Choosing a Dropshipping supplier

As we are speaking about $0 budget dropshipping business choosing a dropshipping supplier is pretty challenging. You should choose a reliable supplier who will deliver the product safe and on time.
Here are a few characteristics of the best dropshipping suppliers.

  • Should offer a wide range of shipping options
  • When the package arrives late to the customer, the Supplier should take complete responsibility.
  • The supplier response time should be less So that you can contact them whenever you require.
  • The supplier should process the orders on the same day
  • Should always be up-to-date regarding delays and low stocks.

If you are using Shopify as a dropshipping platform, then Oberlo would be a better dropshipping supplier. You can also consider Ali express.

Launch your dropshipping store at any time, anywhere.

One good thing about starting a dropshipping store is you can launch your store at any time and anywhere. It gives a lot of flexibility with location. All you need to do is to find a reliable supplier who stores and ships products for you.

Choosing a narrower niche is always better than a range of products. A particular niche will have reduced competition and more comfortable in the market as well. Once your store is up and running, all you need to do is to drive traffic to your store. When you start selling the products, make sure you push the ones that are performing well rather than the less popular ones.

Nowadays, Printed T-Shits, Custom prints on Mugs, Bags, or hats is a trend. If you are a designer, you should consider if you could make some money selling custom printed apparel and homewares. By this, you can stay ahead of your competitors who sell the same stuff but fail to provide custom prints. You can sell your custom designs on Printful and Printify.

Many designers failed to sell their products because of poor online marketing. You should always plan your keywords and include detailed product descriptions.

Drawbacks of running a dropshipping business

The first and foremost drawback is you will have reduced profits. Because the wholesale price will be much higher to cope up with that, you may have to increase the retail price to match profit. Above all, you may be charged for shipping. It is not always the supplier will be in contact with customers. You also have to deal with customers if the item is missing in the order or the delayed delivery, you will be held accountable. Customer service would be critical; Nowadays, customer service is an integral part of any business. One or two bad reviews or experiences can destroy the brand’s reputation.


Dropshipping suits for specific businesses who are new entrepreneurs, testing how the market works, and for those who want to keep minimal logistics. It’s tough to do everything at zero budget, and it’s undoubtedly your venture to when you are trying to cut prices.