If you have designed your webpage to drive more customers still not satisfied by the leads then you must try some useful conversion rates hacks in your online business. The best way is conversion rate optimization, a systematic way to increase the percentage of website visitors who take precise action. Furthermore, this includes the overall redesigning of the website by implementing real-time analytics, tested design and psychological elements. This helps to change your visitors to customers.

Try out these 5 ideas to boost your conversion rates

  • A well-crafted buyer persona

Building a perfect bond with the customers to create the right business content brings out a well-crafted buyer persona. Furthermore, it is one of the most integral parts of the marketing strategy. A buyer persona is based on the market research that includes the existing customers, trends, behaviours, patterns and assumptions of the customer purchases. Moreover, a thorough understanding of these factors helps in creating an engaging marketing and sales strategy. 

Best buyer persona

conversion ratesThe best buyer persona is an integral part of a website improvisation process.it helps you to figure out the shopper’s goals firmly and to sketch the website layout as per their taste. In a remarkably advertised book by the authors Khalid Saleh and Ayat Shukairy named Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of ConvertingProspects into Customers they have added certain examples of companies use buyer persona. Best buys case study stood outstanding among the others. Here is the overview of the wide variety of personas took into consideration by the customers.

According to this case study, they divided the customers into four groups. In addition, every two groups separated by placing different priorities at the centre. First, two groups made purchases for their families and the other two groups for themselves at the core. So they came up with a marketing strategy to make each of these groups happy. The online store like best buy has to step down to clear their customer’s ego. Besides, it is significant to train the sales associates to match each persona through different tactics. 

In short the books, authors highly recommend the sellers to develop the habit of creating buyer personas in their market space. This depends on your business you could have one or two personas or more than that. Furthermore, if you are a beginner always start from the small groups. Sometimes it will be tough to catch up with the complex minded large masses of shoppers but you can make them from visitors to customers by developing significant market strategies.

Best ways to create buyer personas for your business

  1. By avoiding demographic details separate the customers on the basis of personality types.
  2. If more than two personas constitute the customer group then special care is given to the complex one.
  3. Persona segregation is an ongoing process.
  4. Always look for new data even though the older one is more convenient.

Thus buyer personas work as the foundation for your target marketing and help to design your products and services best suits the customers by understanding them more.     

  • Adaptive Commander intent

Commander intent is a leadership method that fits from the military strategy. It also helps the companies to bring out better results from the business strategies they implement in the workspace. Moreover, these messages are crisp and compact which helps to convey the messages to the employees in no time. In a book named Made to stick the author’s Chip and Dan Heath quoted that “If plans go unpredictable we should contact the enemy”. 

Like this, the commander intent is regarded to be the core of the business. Furthermore, it also acts as the top command that states the business goals and the way to implement them. If this plan is loud and clear to the employees of the business then they can work jointly for the goals of the company.

Best ways to create an amazing commander intent for your business

  • The clear mentioning of the mission statement will drive more customers.
  • Make your mission statement decisive by the surveys and field studies on the markets. 
  • Always see the statement through the eyes of the varied personas.
  • Skip the usage of exhausted mission statements.
  • Perfect handling of external reputation management tactics

In social media platforms, our business will be under scanners the whole day even a single negative comment, blog or video pop up it will directly affect the business. There are many cases where the customers convinced by the negative commands about the brand and changed their marketspaces. On the other hand, we have even cases where the positive commands increased sales and profit.

Best external reputation practices

  • Research in the interests of the target audience before you intend to do a social media campaign.
  • Solve the complaints according to the customer’s interest.
  • Challenge against your rivals brand name

BusinessTo drive more clicks on your landing page go against your rivals brand name. Moreover, it can be the competitor’s keywords, brand name or even their business terms. For instance, on google, you can see that a brand named SendinBlue competing with its rival Mailchimp deliberately to win the conversions.

Best ways to compete with your competitors brand name

  • Start bidding on the rivals keywords
  • For better search rankings, place your terms organically in the paid results.
  • Apply incentive plans

From a recent study by Adweek, about 81% of the customers do their purchase from online stores with attractive incentives. Most of the incentives the business platforms offer their beloved customers are

  • Bundled offers
  • Free shipping
  • Premium member offers
  • Lower prices and offer great savings on the purchase
  • Low cart incentives
  • Freebies

Some of the common incentives to attract more customers to your business platforms are

  • Membership only incentives
  • Bundled incentives 
  • Abandoned cart incentives

Best incentive practices in the market spaces

  1. Offer complementary products bundled
  2. Recommend large quantities of items for big discounts
  3. Offer a quantitative purchase by low margins for bundling.


By the aforementioned insights, we hope you will choose the best conversion rates hack to implement in your workspace. Moreover, It is not a must to make use of all these hacks in your online store. But if you are serious online business aspirant then assure yourself with the best conversion rates hack to increase sales.

First place yourself in a specific niche then look for the other basic terms. The above-mentioned hacks only follow the primary niche. So make an amazing strategy to introduce these hacks in the best way for your business success.