12 Surprising eCommerce Strategies

Ecommerce with its wide cyberspace has become one of the vital factors in the global market. From the traditional brick and mortar stores, online business is becoming a brand new platform for the sellers to start their business in small capital. In addition, many of them make instant payments for items from the comfort of their living space or office rooms. So here in this article, we will discuss 12 Surprising eCommerce Strategies that can bring out the best in your business platform.

Recent developments in the social media networks and the advancements in the field of communication as added new standards to online marketing. Consumers are becoming content creators by providing product reviews. Furthermore, many of the online stores have their own customer support desk online to make the business hours more interactive to the customers. By availing all the comfort that they receive in the traditional stores they are bringing in online stores too. But to put all the processes fruitful and to take your eCommerce business to a redefined state you are in need of a strategical plan. The plan has to cover the broad possibilities and capabilities of the available resources. ecommerce

12 best eCommerce strategies to enhance your online business sales

In the market, we have a lot of options available to upgrade your online business. But making the precise ones that suit your business space gross the premium results. After significant research, we have put across 12 major eCommerce strategies that can boost your workspace.

  • Build content to generate backlinks

smart businessTo start up a smart business the best part we need always is great content. A perfect content will have the power to understand the audience, their interests, trends and relevance. Apart from the traditional marketing who talks about their product and services content marketing deals with customers interest and value their reviews. An ultimate content will be the one that looks forward to the audience and making valuable business buy building loyalty and making each visits purchases. Making use of the phrases and keywords in the content will help to rank you higher in the search options. So if you lack the technical SEO part great content can help you to tackle the issue. Great content can also get you backlinks that boost the domain authority and to rank higher. 

For instance, take the case of a furniture shop apart from the business content if they are adding the new trending interior suggestion, videos related to furniture caring and their professionals fixing the furniture. Backlinks are one of the commonly adopted eCommerce strategies.

  • Provide subscriptions

SubscriptionProviding subscriptions is a new trend in online business. It gives great hope to the online business platforms by offering them a recurring business. Furthermore, it is giving confidence to the stores to expand their empire. If a customer is taking a subscription means the stores don’t have to worry about any other purchases going down. For instance, if you are a baby diaper dealer you can offer the parents a monthly subscription for a year. It is both beneficial to the customers as well as the store because the shop gets a permanent customer and the customers can avail the product in a discount rate.

  • Explore with delivery offers

OffersDelivery offers is helping the revenue growth of an online store immensely. As per a new study of 2015 by Stitch Labs the retailers who provide the free shipping facility are increasing their profit by 10%. It is also evident from the purchase history of the online stores that the products with free shipping are chosen most. In short, it is a great idea to try free shipping once in your online store to check whether it’s reflecting in your sales and profit.

  • Encourage actions using urgency

ProfitsCreating urgency is another tactic that can increase your profit margin. In many online marketplaces, they conduct the three-day sale with maximum discounts. These sales will create an urgency in the customers to buy goods from them. From the market, we can see clearly that shoppers are waiting for this scarcity sales with Limited sale and limited stock and it boosting the sales of the online stores by 226%.


  • Attach reviews and ratings to the site

eCommerce strategiesProduct reviews help to sell products at the best price. All customers want to spend their money on some worthy things.so they will refer the customer reviews before purchase. In the online market, there will be many brands selling the same thing so to choose the precise one many shoppers go for positive reviews. So it’s a sellers duty to request the customers to post their humble reviews like comments or video testimonials on the product page. Moreover, the market places like amazon consider product reviews as a part of their product ranking. So we should take steps like follow up emails or text messages after the delivery to ensure the customer to post reviews.

  • Give exclusive offers to the potential customers

eCommerce strategiesLike acquiring new customers, you have to maintain your permanent customers too. When you build your online store successful you have to make the customers come back again for purchase. Offering personalized discounts, promotions and exclusive sale to the customers can bring back them to your store. As per the Accenture survey, 59% of the customers love to receive promotional offers on the products they consider more.  


  • Make a video with your product images

More than reading a product description the images can talk a lot. In the online marketplace, you have tight competition so to win the same you have to be more brand-oriented. Our brand makes us different from others, So create a style in presenting your product images and remember to expose your trademark in all of them. When we check the online stores we can see that products with three or more images tend to be pickier. Furthermore, always post high definition pictures to make a shopper confident about the products they purchase.

  • Avail offline experience for customers

eCommerce strategiesAvail offline experiences for making your customers more bonded to your brand. You can make use of the centres related to your products by putting pop-up stores. You can make your brand experience personalized to your customers by going offline.

  • Frame out a loyalty program.

Loyalty programs always boost existing customers. It’s easier to maintain existing customers than acquiring new ones. By availing discounts, free products, giveaways, coupons and vouchers are some of the options that you can try. For instance, online restaurants can offer free combo offers, special offers on your favourite items, giving early access to the new items and easy payment mode. Offering loyalty program with the help of influencers will increase engagement.

  • Prioritize product description optimization

eCommerce strategiesA product description is a face-off product. So you have to deliver it highly content-oriented and also optimised. If a customer has to reach your products easily give them more optimised products descriptions with relevant keywords, content and style. Always make your product description more attractive by the images, videos and answer the customer questions promptly.

  • Offer discounts, contests and giveaways to new customers

In any online store, we can see them offering good deals for the new customers. Give more discounts and offers to make your store more attractive and an attention grabber.

  • Delve into new partnerships

partnershipsPartnerships make your products more popular and you can drive more customers. In the market, you have to find the partners who suit your business niche. For instance,  If you are a dealer of the gym and fitness equipment you can use the local gym centres for partnership. Moreover, you can provide a personalized experience to the customers.


As we walked you through the insights we hope you can bring out the best in your marketplace with these 12 amazing strategies. There are much more available so always think out of the box to come up with enthralling strategies to boost your business. So try to think about building the eCommerce strategies that reward you the most.