Are you dreaming about a business platform to present your custom products without the worrying of inventory or shipping? The print-on-demand is your perfect business model to help you in starting a custom product business online. We have companies which can assist you from the creation of designs to building your own online store. The foremost step to put forward is your own designs to the target audience for creating a specific niche. 

The steps included in the print-on-demand model are

  • Create: Here you add the new and fresh design releases of your interest in your workspace.
  • Order:  A customer order the products you crafted from your online stores. 
  • Print:  The store will automatically redirect the order to the print-on-demand service for printing. 
  • Ship: The print on services will package the orders and ship it straight to your customers.

To find the precise print-on-demand company which suits your online store goals is a bit challenging. As in the market there a lot of companies with similar features. Moreover, each company platform provides different product catalogues, shipping options and unique features. So it has become more competitive. To choose a better one we have to look forward to some criteria fulfilled by the companies or sites. 

So 5 significant factors to look forward before choosing a print-on-demand company are

  • Shipping period and fees

You have to calculate the time taken by the company to fulfil an order from the time it is placed. Furthermore, you have to consider the shipping time taken to deliver the products including the fees.

  • Options for printing

Should be aware of the printing capabilities and customisations offered by the company.

  • Stand out features of the company

Check for any unique features of the company that makes it stand out from the crowd.

  • Recommendations

How is this print on demand solution becomes best for the online store?

  • Product crafting platform

Checking the product catalogue is very important. As they provide you with a picture of products that can be customised or created on the platform. Majority of the print on demand companies are integrated with the Shopify app to construct a branded online storefront. This, in turn, helps them to sell the custom products hasslefree. Furthermore, this can be done according to the time spent by the audience on your products. In this article, we have put together 5 top print-on-demand companies after thorough research. This will help you to streamline your suitable company from the crowd.

Top 5 print-on-demand companies

In terms of shipping, printful offers shipping charges starting from $3.99 to the US within 3 to 4 business days. It also offers a direct to garment, embroidery, tailored and sublimation printing depending on the products. Furthermore, it also provides the feature of adding tags to the products for increasing brand awareness. The significant features the company holds is the inbuilt mockup generator to sell items in no time, Furthermore, it also holds the maximum integrations with the marketplaces. Moreover, this company is highly recommended as an all-rounder in flexibility and scalability.

SPOD is a print on demand site which serves its customers with shipping charges starting from $3.57 for the domestic deliveries. And it also takes 3 to 6 business days for delivering the products.  In addition, the shipping charges vary according to the total order value. Besides, the printing options include digital direct, thermal sublimation, digital transfer depending on the product you want. Furthermore, the additional feature is the personal customisation tool. Through which you can add your own designs or make a selection from the 50k free design templates from the SPOD. The most recommended feature of the site is the speedy fulfilment, easy shipping and competitive prices it offers to its customers. 

printifyPrintify offers a good margin with a unique feature of access to the large network of printing allies around the world. Furthermore, this vendor network does the shipping according to the print provider chosen as they have worldwide partners in printing. The printing options are the same as the others. On the other hand, the unique features include a monthly premium plan offering a 20% off on all orders. This, in turn, can provide us with a significant profit margin. Besides all the most recommended features are the flexibility and cost-effective solution to finding a printing associate. This person ensures the shipping of specific products from a specific region to the world.  

Apliq dropship is a better option for those who want to start a fashion brand. It also helps them to sell it through multiple retail channels. The production period is up to 7 days from the order date, In addition, the charge of the products are according to the weight. The price usually starts from $3.99 in the US and they ship to other 150 countries too. The additional unique option provided by the site is that it gives its customers 100% customisation. Furthermore, It allows its customers to create their own branded label, clothing tags and embroidered patches. Besides, Apliiq dropship is highly recommended for the people who take the fashion seriously and want to create their own clothing line. 

teelaunchTeelaunch is a versatile print on demand partner. It leaves professional images for your products and they even have lifestyles photos that suit your product list. It also has a sensible fulfilment time and a highly responsive customer support team. As the production, shipping and printing options looks the same as that of the others the Teelaunch acts like an all-rounder creating quality products


As we discussed above the print on demand companies or sites give us the confidence to sell custom products without many risks.  Even though it is up to you to choose the precise one for supporting your online store. So if you choose one make sure it meets all your needs.