Amazon, with more than 310 million active users globally, opens up a great sales opportunity for its sellers. With the product cataloguing system, it ensures the appropriate locating of your product from a wide range of products. The international reachability and the significant customer acquisition are always an add on feature for the site. Amazon as always maintained its standard in all the fields it enters. To compete, Amazon has put forth a high barrier to entry and high fee structure for its sellers. Furthermore, the sophisticated dashboard and rigid seller regulations demanded an adapted and specific new process. Amazon is using more advanced personalized recommendations to enhance the user experience in shopping and browsing. Amazon customised product is the feature that allows you to “custom made” your products and sell.

How to customize your products?

Customised Products

In the amazon site, the amazon custom store enables shoppers to customise their products. Moreover, this can be done through text, images, logos, or the prescribed list of options. After the customization process, the customized products will be cross-listed in particular departments. As a seller, to receive the custom feature set, you have to register first. Moreover, to register for this facility, you have to be a member of a professional seller plan.

Customisation types

There are mainly three types of customization. They are 

Text customisation

This customisation helps the seller to add text to your products. For the text to be more attractive, they provide colour and font options. Besides, you can use this option for engraving, embroidery, printing, painting, and more.

Image customisation

Through image customisation, customers can upload their image as well as add text to the product to customize your product.

Product configuration

Product configuration helps you to create a series of options through seller central that customers can custom-make their products. And it also allows the seller to charge an additional fee for selective customisation options.


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Trustable marketplace

Amazon always stuck on to the core of its customer serving motto. So that each shopper trusts the site and believes that they are receiving a quality product. Besides, the product discoverability is at its peak as the people searching and buying on amazon is higher compared to other marketplaces.

A high barrier for entry

To control the amateur sellers from entering the marketplace, Amazon has always created a high hurdle for the listing by increasing the eligibility quotients. When compared to Etsy, Amazon has only quality sellers.

Better tools for custom sellers

Amazon will create better tools for custom sellers.  Once you have entered the marketplace, amazon knows how to make your products sold and profitable fore that they have the best tools in the market.

Global reach

SourcingOur customized products will receive an international range with amazon. With a mesmerizing customer database, amazon will surely take our sales and profits high.

Wide variety of products

With Amazon, the sellers don’t have to worry about their unique products. Being the largest online marketplace, the chance of getting discovered by the shoppers who search on products is higher.

Multiple variations

We can find a large section of modifications and customisation options on amazon when we sell on handmade for amazon. It also allows you to select from the listings for options, or we can type and enter our text. Furthermore, conversion rates are higher on amazon as it has wide varieties to meet the customer needs. Compared with the other marketplaces like Etsy, they only allow two variations. Having varients will gradually cut short space for gathering information regarding the purchases. It also increases the chances of losing sales.


Seller account suspension

Amazon is strict in case of monitoring seller activity. So the chance of getting seller account suspension is high.

Delayed Target shipment dateShipping

The target shipment rate of amazon is 4%, but in shipping the customised products, most of the sellers fail and will set it to a higher rate of 25%. The reason behind such a long wait is customer approval. The seller cannot ship customised products without getting consent from the buyer. At the maximum, it will take a day or more for the approval, so the sellers cannot put the item beforehand for shipping.

Internal confusions on shipment orders

To stay on the given shipment per cent, we have to rush to the shipping process once the customer approves the product. Prioritizing shipping procedures has turned into great confusion with the amazon expedited orders, which in turn increased the shipping charges. 

Complicated features

Amazon has a lot of complicated features linked to the custom feature store. Which are mostly not used for the selling custom product 


Even though there will be an increase in revenue, everything with amazon comes with a price. Either you are an FBA plan holder or a professional account, you have to confront some fees from amazon. If you are a budding entrepreneur and have a low budget, it would be great if you have a clear understanding of charges. Otherwise, it will be a burden in your initial business processes.


As Amazon has stepped to the customised products field, be the early seller to make use of the clunky side of the platform to produce excellent benefits. By walking through these insights, we hope you will receive a perfect picture of selling customized products with amazon. And make a precise strategical plan to ensure the sales and profit in this field.