Amazon brings up a fantastic platform for its artisans who wants to hit their creative ideas in the online market. Moreover, right from home with no substantial investments, you can enjoy the profits for your works. Think upon if you are opening up a store to showcase your handcrafted products to your beloved customers. It is a tough task to drive more customers with a brick and mortar store. But Amazon homemade can offer you a dedicated platform for your products to get notified in the world market platform.  To sell through amazon makes your products go viral irrespective of the countries and languages. Also, Partnering with the online giant can give you a mesmerizing experience in online marketing. The tech giant is very cautious about your products as it claims the perfect handmade products to enter the criteria.

Setting up an Amazon handmade store

  • Opening a store

After registering with amazon, you have to set up your artisan profile. Your profile should be customer friendly listings of products because all of your customers will be navigating towards your store from amazon 

  • Product listings

With amazon making product listing is very crucial. You have to set up a list of the products you are going to sell in the seller account.  Listing your products with the help of the listing tools can help you get ready with a complete listing. In the market, we have a lot of product listing tools available, buying the perfect one according to the business matters.

  • More descriptive notes and images

Entering product images and descriptions make your products more attractive to your customers. Clear and high-quality photos give them a more genuine picture of your products. Before posting the photos and description, we should go through the artisan-style guide to find the detailed descriptions regarding the size of the image, backgrounds, and many more. Besides, a content-rich product description makes the products more attractive.

  • Customization options

Customization options make your products more surprising for the customers. As per the policy, you can add upon ten different customization options.

List of options: Adding a list of customized options for customers to choose from size, color, metal, and material.

Text entry Box: They can use this for engraving and monograms.

Number entry box: Use this for custom width, height, and dimension.

  • Shipping

Shipping your products have a significant role in ranking your products. If you keep perfect shipping timings as mentioned in your profile page, then you can attract more customers to your products. 

You should mention the time you will take to make the products and the shipping times along with the product details.

As a newbie in the market, you can always rely upon the Amazon FBA service. The service ensures to look after the back-end processes of the products sent to their fulfillment centers.

So you can engage your time promoting and advertising the products in the market. If you are taking responsibility for the back-end processes, it will be highly time-consuming and tiresome.

If your product outshines in the ranking, you can be even qualified to add your products to amazon prime that gives free shipping services to the customers.

  •   SEO optimization

In an online store, the most significant part is the SEO optimization. If you are all set with the store, SEO optimization helps you to get noticed among the product lists. Now in the market, we have a lot of SEO optimization tools available to help you in product ranking and hence more sales. Here are the pointers you should take care in highlighting your products. 

Product titles: Catchy product titles can attract more customers to your products. If we characterize your product title, it will increase customer trafficking towards your products. If your titles are short and specific, then it will drive more customers to the store.

Keywords: Selecting keywords for your products is essential. So it will help you to top the list of searches.

Description notes: Drive your customer’s interests with your magical words. Alternatively, in this part, add short notes on your products, which give the customer details regarding the features. Besides, add what makes your product unique from others. An increase in sales is possible only through excellent content.

  • Occasion type

You should add upon a minimum of 4 occasions to the list so the customers can buy the products according to the suiting events or themes.

  • Sponsored products

Trigger customers are searching for products like yours. Advertise ads on the amazon front page related to the product and description.

  • Product images

High-quality images can give a perfect picture of the products. The most recommended image size is 500 pixels. Adding an excellent quality image will boost your product sales on Amazon handmade. 


In short, amazon handmade is a perfect option for the artisans who want to showcase their creative arts and crafts. To sum up, through Amazon, you can target millions of customers to get attracted to your products without great investments,