When you are listing any new products in amazon, the keyword is an important role which plays while listing or wining buy box. Everyone makes thing complicate when it comes to the keyword. Just simply follow the rules stated by amazon in Seller Central Help Section can increase traffic and sales as well.

Amazon search engine algorithm is managed by its subsidiary company A9. They handle all search-related issues and also handle SEO.

Let’s have a look at the few important facts for Amazon Keyword Strategy

1) Amazon’s “search” is pretty simple. The title you decide for the product will be treated as the keyword of the same item. Sellers misunderstand this simple rule and they keep on repeating phrases, well no need of that. Amazon tries to match what customers types in the search bar.

Search guidelines: “The words you choose are the terms our search engine pulls from when customers search the site”

2) Sellers second mistake is repeating keywords in the title or entering whole keyphrases. This is because the amazon search engine doesn’t match the whole keyphrases, by doing so you are wasting the limited space for the title. The best order while entering title is putting them in a logical way or think like the customer.

3) One more crucial fact is the amazon title and keywords space carry equal importance. Some sellers misunderstand this concept and assume amazon search engine works like google. Google search engine gives more attention to the title. But in the case of amazon search, this is the wrong hypothesis everyone makes while deciding the title.

4) Amazon search engine understands plurals, commas and stemming of words. Amazon search engine understands the simple stemming of words and variations. Also, the search engine simply ignores the punctuations, so we suggest to not to waste characters on that.

5) Please do not include any competitor name in the title. This might cause a big problem for your amazon seller account itself. Inappropriate keywords may lead to the removal of the products.

There are many tools available in the market place which helps in keyword research and title as well. Tools help to find an optimized keyword which maximizes profit with less expensive CPC. Also, one can manage and monitor the performance of the keyword.