5 Amazing Amazon Product Finder Tools to Fetch you the Upcoming Best Sellers from the Market


Since online marketplaces are a platform of ferocious competitions, it is a must to implement smarter tech to win. According to the online marketplace from finding products to selling them and taking care of the customer reviews it’s really challenging.

However, finding the right products to sell is the most integral part of online marketing. So one has to choose the precise products according to the market demand and trends. Every amazon FBA seller needs a little help in this section as they won’t be sure where or how to find the best products.  So for streamlining your business on the right track, you have to be more careful in the product selection. 

Here come the amazon product finder tools to make your searches more simplified and make a good profit.   

Amazon product finder tools

Supply demand curveAmazon product finder tools search for the best products trending, gross high monthly sales and the listings improvised for better profits. These tools make our product finding job easier by simplified searches, product identification, updates, notification and tips. However, doing this manually is time-consuming and you won’t get ample time for focusing on other sections of marketing.

Furthermore, choosing the perfect tool that suits your business is a tough task as the majority of the tools share the same features.

So In this article, we uncover before you the most trending 5 amazon finder tools.


AmazeOwl provides information about promising products in the market very fast. It includes the best sellers and affordable shipping or low competition items.

Some of the other features of the tool are as follows

  • Saving lists directly from the amazon site.
  • Watching your competitors active listing, inventory, price changes and new entries.
  • Helps to find the product with the desktop app quickly by using amazon listings. In addition find the products that fit your price, BSR score and reviews.
  • Giving information about product demand and competition with sources like google trends, FBA cost calculator and others.
  • Stay connected to find a supplier
  • Gives particularly the details and history of competitors listings.


Like any other tools, AmazeOwl also provides its customers with a 10 days trial which gives you access to monitor one niche and search three keywords.

Further pricing of the tool is as follows

  • $14.95 a month for 10 niches, 10 keywords and 50 products in the product database.
  • $29.95 a month for 300 niches, 50 keyword searches and 200 products in the product database.


AMZ.One has the best tools for amazon in one place. The three top functions of the tool include keyword rank tracking, best sellers and sales tracking. Some of the main features of the tool are as follows

  • Tracking sales
  • Notifications of negative reviews
  • Route Keyword ranking
  • Optimize keywords by page analyzer
  • Boost Super URLs


AMZ One gives a seven day trial to its customers and later leads to paid subscriptions. But in the trial period, the customer is not allowed to access the product database.

The subscriptions start from $ 20 a month for 45 keywords and 20 sales tracking items. On the other hand, the second plan is for $180 a month which gives the customers a1500 keywords and 200 sales tracking items.


AMZScout is the most accurate product research tool for amazon but its product history is not as big as the Jungle Scout. It offers features like google trend analysis, revenue and sales estimates. In addition, it also alerts its owners about the FBA fee, profit calculator, product listing quality and many more. 

Some other features of the tool include,

  • Discover and assess your niche without wasting time collecting data from different origins.
  • Instant statistics on products.
  • Get real data on over 20 million products
  • Without amazon seller account collects sales data using google extension.
  • Stay ahead of the competitors using the web app tracking mechanism. Furthermore, they can track their product list, inventory, pricing and revenue through this, tool.
  • Its listing quality score(LQS) covers many aspects like ratings in a 1 to 100 pointer system. name length, bullet count, product image count and descriptions.

In addition, it also extends its functionals to review numbers and information about the seller and many more.

  • AMZ Scout does not interpret over sales. So you won’t lose money on goods when demand is less.
  • It also includes the best seller tags to save time. 

As the tool works on any amazon page you can analyse and receive loads of ideas for your business by using extensions. Furthermore, the tool supports marketplaces of 10 different countries and its available in seven different languages.


AMZ Scout offers a 7 day trial period on its pricing plans and a 100 per cent money-back guarantee.  The three pricing plans of the tool are as follows

  • Basic plan: $29.99 monthly, $179.99 annually
  • Starter plan: $39.99 monthly, $239.99 annually
  • Business plan: $59.99 monthly, $349.99 annually.

Helium 10

As an Amazon product finder Helium 10 offers to find and analyze products. Even though the tool comes with a combination of many other tools the interface is simple and sleek. The basic search section includes a search through category, competitors and business niches.

The secondary search option is highly advanced. This includes products with a minimum number of sales, a small number of images or existing sellers. Some of the other features of the tool include,

  • Monitor products easily
  • Provide the annual sales overview and the best sales time.
  • Search for product ideas based on trends
  • Monthly sales and number of sellers for each product.
  • Private label product opportunities.


The tool provides 20 free uses for the free plan. For $37 you can sign up for black box for a month. The other plan includes the whole helium 10 suite for $97.

Jungle Scout Web App

Used worldwide Jungle Scout is one of the best amazon product finders in the FBA business. It is available in both web app and chrome extension so you can fulfil your tasks easier. Furthermore, it also offers a vast product history of different products with pricing.  Some of the other features of the tool include

  • Finding perfect niches and products on amazon.
  • Track the competitors business ahead of time.
  • Explore and confirm product ideas while browsing.
  • Filter amazon product database by category, price or even sales to find more opportunities.
  • Accurate comparisons on product prices, sales and reviews.

The main function of the web app is to find profitable products, research product data and keep an eye on the competitors. In addition to the terms of sales data also the tool offers accurate maintenance of the information. It was also notable that the tool has access to 9 countries.


There are two pricing plans for the amazon product finder.

  • $39 per month for one user to track 40 products
  • $99 per month for six users to track 150 products.


As an Amazon seller, our primary concern is to find the perfect tool for the online business. Furthermore, to boost trust and visibility with plenty of positive reviews. By walking through the article insights we hope you will find the precise tool that skyrockets your sales and profit by finding the precise tool. As all the tools provide a 7 to 30 days trial make sure you chose the right one by utilising the time period. In short, always make sure that your tools are futuristic ones to take your business to a new level.