Selling the Trendy Products in Amazon

Once you decided to sell the trendy products in Amazon, be ready for tight competition. Every amazon seller will be looking to make some cash with trending products. Trend selling is all about timing, you just can’t be late to the party. But the biggest question everyone asking is how to identify the trends? Well, that’s the important thing one must do before deciding the product. Later, the product must quickly sell from the inventory. The biggest advantage of selling trending products in that it has audience power. This will accelerate the whole process and opens an amazing opportunity.

The most common way to get the trend is by news, media, google trend and social networks. For example, Identify the popular person and recently action by them, one can print something related to that on a shirt or a mug and sell on amazon. Just to spot the latest trend, and stay updated many big companies pay thousands of dollars for market analysts. Well for small retailers it is not that hard to identify the trend but to recognise the product in the market which syncs with the trend is a tough job. Let’s look at some of the ways to identify trend;

Identify Fast Moving Products

One can identify fast-moving products by talking with suppliers. Many products are nowadays shipped from china. Find an agent, trading companies, manufacturers or blog in china which helps in telling the fast-moving items. If the information match with the trend online, then this is a GO signal. Understanding the trending product is all about the network, having good trade network helps in buying cheaper wholesale items as well.

Vendors Selection

Building good business relations with the vendors also helps you identify fast-moving products. Vendors will inform you about large orders on a product, which you can see as an opportunity. Also, one can sale a similar item if it is available for a cheaper price. Not just vendors, manufacturers also a great source for spotting tread, also one can get the end product with the lowest possible price. This will drastically increase your Return on Investment.

Social Media

Industry newsletters, social media, and other influencers blog will be a great help in identifying the next revolution. The newsletter will help to make an individual decision apart from other data-driven facts. Also, magazines will help to refresh the latest technology and new product launch in the market.

Before jumping into product ideas, beware of the intellectual property rights. If you violate any of these laws, one might face amazon account suspension or even serious consequences.

Also sourcing from overseas also risky and a lot of hurdles, one must look for the cheaper manufacturer from the home country itself. Remember, timing is everything in trend selling. If you don’t receive your order from supplier on-time, you may miss the timing leverage. Hence consider the supplier which is near to your warehouse, visit the factory and build a relationship which will have a long-term impact on business.


Don’t forget to promote the product and sell quickly. To eliminate the competition one must stay ahead of other sellers. As soon as inventory is ready, you must receive huge orders from amazon. Start promote, lightning deal and use all other advertising strategies. Create landing pages using free or paid quick page builder sites. Use sign up forms to get leads and drop them an email to buy the trending product. Offer a discount to loyal customers by offering them a coupon. Please beware that timing is everything in selling trending products. Be prepared with infrastructure, logistics and human resource to pack and ship if not outsourced. Based on experience it is best if you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to take care of one more big chunk of the whole system. This will reduce stress and take care of returns, packing and customer service. Customers can see the “Prime” logo which means pick, pack, returns and customer service is handled by Amazon.