Being in the online market is all about competition. As days pass the competitors are increasing and more products gaze the online marketplaces. A whopping amount of $4 trillion is projected for global eCommerce sales in this year according to the eMarketer. So it’s getting tough to find the most trending and profitable products to sell in the markets. Here comes the significance of product sourcing research. 

Product sourcing research

eCommerce StoreIn the market, all the experts agree that the major question they face is where to find the perfect product for sale?. As the competition tightens finding the most trending products and its sources are becoming a tough task. In this scenario, Smart research is the most recommended option to find the right products to fill your online shelves. If you fail to find the most genuine factory authorized distributors and manufacturers you will have to pay more for your products. In addition, you will fail in the competition too. The exact definition for the term product sourcing research is the extensive investigation that helps us to find the source of the product. Furthermore, it also helps in locating wholesale companies and do thorough research to prove the legitimacy of the same. This is really a time-consuming process and hard to find the genuine ones from the crowd.

Where to find the wholesale product suppliers

fulfilment partnerTo find the right ones is always a challenge. It is also clear from the large number of suppliers worldwide that we won’t get our preferred products from a single supplier. In addition, you have to stock your store shelves with products that meet the needs and wants of customers.

One way of finding the wholesalers are through online. It’s the era of online marketing so the best way you find places to source products are

  • Supplier websites and
  • Online supplier platforms.

The other way to find the wholesalers are through trade shows. They help the buyers to find qualified suppliers and get immediate information about the sup[pliers with genuine products. They also provide a lookup on the latest trends to ensure the products they sell are worth setting their online store shelves. 

Beware of the scammers

ScammersAs the online markets get rooted and change to be the most trending way to sell your products the scamming sites are increasing in the market. They have a very convincing site and promises outrageous things to catch the sellers. Furthermore, If you dig more to these sites you will find junk lists and directories with full of useless and outdated pieces of information. In short, they will be a threat to your personal information too.  They sell your personal data to other internet marketers and coaching programs which can put you in great trouble by making you pay outrageous amounts. On the other hand, the interesting fact is that many of the real factory authorized distributors don’t exhibit them on the internet. They target the big shots more than the small home-based business owners. Because of these reasons looking for your wholesale suppliers in the search engines is a waste of time. The scammers know that you search over these search engines.

Steps involved in a product sourcing research

By increasing the standards we work round the year to find the most qualified wholesalers in the market. The most perfect way to find the genuine ones are by personally talking to them and determining their capabilities. Moreover finding the right one for your business platform.

How to determine the genuine wholesalers

  • Leads

To get genuine leads you have to categorize the lists in different raw contact lists. For instance home decors, wardrobes, jewellery and many more. From the lists, you have to filter the ones willing to do the shipment, bulk wholesale and provide instant buys. On the other hand, attending the largest and more diverse wholesale trade shows can also help in finding genuine wholesalers. The significant part of this is that you can see them in person and choose products of your interest.

  • Get in touch

Contacting the wholesale dealers in person can get you many pieces of information. Furthermore, by asking them certain questions can give you honest data about the dealers.

  • Competence

If the supplier passes all our tests then they have to submit the certificate claiming that the given data are genuine. In addition, they have to qualify in the final round with the research manager for getting added to the directory.  

  • Final processing

In the final process, you can add the researched wholesalers to the directory which you can provide for the retailers to source their products for online sales. Thus you can make them confident to choose the wholesalers. 


From walking through the article we hope that you will make use of our reliable steps in finding certified wholesalers on your own. And find the exact method that can be stitched to your product sourcing research for smart research and product sourcing to your future success of the online store.