Advantage of being Amazon Seller by Wholesale Sourcing

Selling in Amazon by the wholesale method is very common and it is quite easy to establish. In this wholesale buying and later selling in amazon, the challenging part is finding the right product and source. Finding a wholesale supplier is completely based on the product you choose to sell. Also, one must check search history, sales metrics, and other data before finalizing the product to sell in amazon. Let’s look at the advantage of doing wholesale business:


Wholesale business is very much profitable with a good Return On Investment (ROI). Identify the product which has a considerable number of sales is high and find the supplier who offers less price and later selling in amazon with good ROI is possible. Of course, selling in amazon is not easy unless you do a lot of homework on product research and finding a cheap supplier.


Doing the wholesale business offers a broader array of choices. One can choose products based on sales data, search history, trend or any new launch of the product right next to your door. The wholesale business offers the flexibility of choosing products and also the size of inventory as well. The size of the inventory of the chosen product can be large or small. More units you buy, cheaper the price gets generally. Also, one can decide to experiment with a small inventory and once you get convinced it is easier to decide the size of inventory. Once you get familiar with products, source, and selling in Amazon, all one needs to do is repeat the whole process. This saves a lot of time, improves profit, increases sale and also increases the cash flow in your Amazon business.


Selling by wholesale buying eliminates competition from other sellers. Since you will develop a business relationship with the wholesale seller, it opens the new level of partnership by time. This will eventually help in killing competition. Leverage the supplier relationship for a profitable business. Once you develop a good business relationship, this will open new business opportunity doors. At this point, your amazon business will become stable.


Once you establish a strong business relationship, this will lead to a brand-approved seller. Even if you are a new seller, wholesale buying from the company itself gives a tag of brand approved seller. This might take some time and investment but this will give some edge with respect to other sellers. Also, there is a possibility you might get Amazon exclusive seller, which is basically a limited group of seller tag to sell a particular product.


The biggest advantage of wholesale business is saving time. Once you reach a certain level with stable cash flow, one can sit and enjoy the show. This gives the opportunity to explore new products and sources.


Scaling the business is easier when you buy wholesale and sell in amazon. Once your cash flow is stable and has sufficient time, hire product experts or market researchers to identify the best product for your business. This will eventually scale your amazon business. Having products of multiple categories is the best way to scale and consistently increase the cash flow.



Protecting your amazon account is very important once you scale your business. By adopting wholesale techniques one can easily protect amazon account against the suspension. The wholesale invoice proves you have a big inventory and many things by default.