Business with amazon is becoming tough day by day. To cope up with the changes in the market, ferocious competition between the rivals and within the online store amazon seller are into retail arbitrage too. In this market scenario, scanner apps are an indispensable tool for a seller to rely upon, especially if you are into retail arbitrage. As scanner apps can get you instant access and information about the products, you can buy and sell, it is a great help in a retail arbitrage business. So In this article, we discuss the significance of scanner apps and the two most popular scanner apps in the market.

What are Scanner apps?

eCommerce StoreScanner apps allow a seller to enter a shop and scan the packaging or the bar code to get instant access to product metrics. In addition, it will also give a precise picture of the most demanded product in the market. In short, this will help the sellers to avoid investing in the products which will perform low in the market.

The significant information that the scanner apps can analyse is.

  • The current price of the products.
  • Projected profit after the fees.
  • The product ranges.
  • Eligibility to sell the products.

In the market, we have a lot of scanner apps, options available with different features. For you to choose the better app for your business space, we have gathered information about the two most popular scanner apps available in the market- amazon seller app and scoutify.

Amazon seller app 

AmazonAmazon seller app is the very own scanner app from amazon to uplift its sellers in online marketing. The more enticing part is it’s a free app. Apart from other apps, it can work in the amazon platform without a subscription to amazon pro account.

Features of the Amazon seller app are

  • Budget-friendly

Amazon seller app is a highly proposed app for beginners in amazon. As in the initial stages, many of them are not confident to invest much. In such cases, you can completely rely upon the app as it is free. Furthermore, you can also download it from both amazon pro and free accounts.

  • Mobile optimization

They optimize the app to work on your smartphones and tablets for providing you with precise data of what’s happening in the Amazon marketplace. Moreover, the app is the centre for the amazon seller on smartphones. So you can list the products for sale, view the sale orders, amazon shipments, and update inventory on the go. Furthermore, the app also allows you to scan a barcode or key in a product’s name to your smartphone. This convenience is the ultimate from the amazon seller app.

  • Managing seller tasks

You can check the seller tasks such as the sales, pending orders, confirm shipments and balance payments.

  • Accurate analysis of the inventory

The app helps to update the prices competitively and manage the stocks as per the demand.

  • Customer chat options

You can view and respond to the customer messages on the go by using the personalized templates.

Downsides of amazon seller app

Along with the best features, there are many factors in which amazon seller app fall short for as any other scanner apps. Some of them are as follows,

  • Limited access from other apps

It is a major problem from the app; it doesn’t integrate with tools such as camelcamelcamel, keepa, eBay or Google which help you track price trends and history

  • Access only amazon pricing

You can only access amazon pricing data, which obviously will limit the visibility into the whole market. Furthermore, this can lead to potential losses on the online business platform.

Even though the app has some drawbacks, for a startup seller who doesn’t want to spend much in online marketing, it’s a great app. The easy to set up design and the data it offers when making the product choices makes the app outstanding.

Amazon seller pricing

The amazon seller app is free and the sellers don’t have to trouble themselves thinking the costs of the app. Moreover, the app also provides its seller with the benefit of installing it in multiple devices and run the original account with no extra fees charged.


ScoutifyScoutify is a popular segment from the inventory labs, popular as amazon and FBA inventory management suite. You can buy this from the Inventory lab. Even though it’s a little pricy, it’s a worthy bargain to make for a great inventory solution for your online store. Hence It is always a better option for the volume sellers.


  • Connectivity

The app is highly capable to find out the most profitable product by connecting through various databases and marketplaces analysis.

  • Great interface

The apps user interface is very easy to use and requires no further help on the run.

  • Sleek design

You can easily set it up and start your online trading of products. With a clean and modern display, it is very sleek compared to the other scanner apps in the market.


While discussing the pros, there are some specific amazon functions where scoutify fall short from the other scanner apps available in the market. Some downsides of the app are.

  • Adding products to amazon

With scoutify, you can’t add products straight to amazon.

  • Communication with the buyers

Scoutify app does not allow the seller to communicate with the buyers through the chats. Instead, offers online form submissions and emails.

  • Limitations in reviewing orders

The app also denies the product order review, which shows the great drawback of the app.

  • Limited customer support

The customer support is not an added factor for the app. Moreover, it allows the seller to communicate with the customers only through online form submissions and emails. 

Even though there is no customer support it has a lot of tutorials for the sellers to catch up on the basics. Furthermore, these video tutorials and text instructions available for the sellers will give you a clear picture of the app.

Scoutify pricing

 It costs around $49.95 per month. Amidst of this price, the most significant fact is the free connectivity it allows the Bluetooth scanner. 


Amazon seller app and scoutify are the best scanner apps in the market for a retail arbitrage amazon seller. From the aforementioned article, we hope you will choose wisely the one that suits your business platform.

 However, a successful business is a tough task in the Amazon marketplace. So to win the competition make most of the tool you opt. Furthermore, gathering as much data about the products and foreseeing the demand for it among the customers can boost up your sale and profit.