Whenever we think of the online business the first online platform that strikes your mind will be amazon. With more than two decades of online experience, it is now the best online market place with a significant seller and customer database. Even though the competition is at its peak sellers look forward to a seller account in amazon. Selling your products in amazon has its own pros and cons. But the vast number of customers visiting the amazon site attract the sellers to initiate their online sales in amazon platform. Selling your products with amazon means you can sell your products to crores of customers around the world with easy registration and simplified listing. In addition, it also offers world-class services and stress-free shipping for the sellers. Furthermore, it also ensures secure and timely payments coupled with no product listing fee.,  

Now we can dive more into the product selling on amazon and steps involved in the smooth marketing.

Selling products on amazon

Selling products on Amazon has been simplified in the past years to provide their seller’s hassle-free platform for sales. First, you have to create the listings of products to sell in amazon. 

Secondly, the Customer finds the products and purchase them. Later, you will receive a notification for the product shipment and the product delivery. This can be by ourselves or through the Amazon FBA plan.

Amazon also extends its services to its back end processes that include the product feedback, refund and take care of the customer services. This will give quality time for the  sellers to look after other aspects of marketing products

Now we can discuss the 9 amazing facts about selling on amazon that can boost your sales in 2019

Amazon buy box

QualityAmazon buy box is an integral part of the third party sellers due to its high impact on conversions. It is also clear that 82% of the sales come from the buy box.` So more sellers crave for the buy box. 

 In amazon, there is no limit for the number of sellers and the products selling the same product. This, in turn, will increase the competition in the business platform. To beat the competitors, sellers have to give a competitive price to their products to reach the buy box. 

Furthermore, The seller who wins the competition will make more sales in the buy box. They can provide the best possible value for the customer’s money.

In addition, the customers who buy from the buy box believe that they are buying products with high seller performance and low price.

The eligibility criteria to the buy box also include the following steps

  • The seller should hold a professional seller account 
  • Know the difference between the buy box and buy used box.
  • Perfect inventory management and
  • Always check the eligibility in amazon seller central account

The sequence of merchant order list in amazon

Without winning the buy box too sellers can make money from Amazon by selling through merchants offer list. The major factors which make you eligible for the offers list are

  • Providing competitive pricing for the products to win the competition.
  • Offering competing offers to the customers
  • Creating a qualifying history in amazon as a seller
  • Gathering positive seller reviews for your products

Some other points include delivering the product in time and communicating with the customers. This can also increase your chance of getting more sales.

FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon)

eCommerce cultureFBA is the premium program from amazon to help its sellers to initiate their sales in the marketplace more hasslefree. In this program, the sellers will send their products to the Amazon fulfilment centres to be stocked. Thereafter when a customer purchase a product amazon will send the product to them. 

Amazon also ensures to take care of the back end processes of the purchase. This includes the customer reviews, feedbacks, refunds and customer services. By helping with the back end processes amazon give its sellers ample time to do the other aspects of running a business.

Some other benefits of this plan are increasing your product reachability to the amazon prime members and push you to the buy box criteria.

The most benefited sellers in amazon

There are three main sellers who are benefited from selling in amazon. They are

  • Sellers who sell unique products
  • Selle who sell their hobby
  • Sellers who sell refurbished or used products

The necessity to tangle products with amazon product list

Amazon allows only one time listing for the products in the Amazon catalogue. So if you create second product list it will result in complete removal of the listing.

Always match your product listing with the product list already exists.

Shipping methods

suppliers Amazon doesn’t allow its sellers to take the two-day shipping in the first days. They have to make a reliable history with amazon to be eligible for the service. The other option to get to the shipping method is through choosing the amazons FBA plan.

Compensating perfectly for shipping

There are cases reported that the sellers are not receiving perfect compensation for shipping. For getting your amount perfectly you have to give the perfect picture of your product size to be shipped. However, if the problem persists then you will be definitely pricing your products very cheaply.

Increase the reviews in seller account

In amazon, the best seller product is the product with the best customer reviews. So for your account retention in amazon, you have to prioritize more on the positive reviews. If a negative review is escalated you have to address the issue faster to avoid your product reaching the bottom line.

Policies that should be checked before selling on amazon

Before starting a business with amazon you have to check their policies that concern with your products and services. Some of the policies are

  • Shipping policies
  • Policies and agreements
  • Selling policies
  • Prohibited seller activities and actions.


By walking through the article we hope that you got a perfect idea to sell your products with amazon. Furthermore to increase your sales optimize your product pages, market your brand effectively and price the items competitively.

Always update your product details and marketing strategy to catch up with the market competition. In addition, to double your profit make sure you work smart, implements a perfect strategy and adequately market your business.

So now it’s your turn to make money by selling on amazon. As an additional tip always ensure your tactics to stand ahead of the competition to beat your competitors.