Product returns are not an exciting part of the e-commerce business. It is one of the significant challenges to look forward to when you start an online store. Since returns are considered as a negative remark by online marketplaces, the retailers have to put the returns percentage at a low level. However, returns are the biggest thing to increase customers trust in your online business platform. Apart from the traditional brick and mortar stores in online purchase, the shoppers don’t get a chance to feel, touch and get a trial of the item. So return policies are a must according to law. In addition, return policies give the customers the promise of exchanging or refund the money if the product is not as expected. It also works wonders in optimising the conversion rates. 

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In short, we have to make up a transparent return policy that benefits customers as well as the business. Here in this article, we discuss the 8 amazing tips you can implement in your return policies to spike up your sales.

8 fascinating tips to create a successful return policy to boost sales

  • Realise your motive

Before putting the return policies to your online store make sure you increase your sales. Return policies should bring back the buyers to your stores again and tend them to purchase the products. To boost your sales through returns many companies are implementing a tactic of offering deals or coupons after each return. Through this, they want to neutralize the loss of their sales. 

  • Select the way you want to assist

Your customers always look forward to a comforting zone in all their walks. So instead of using the words, we will help make a more emotional bond by using words helping or assistance. Other ways are offering the customers with direct refunds and in-store credit. This will increase your sales by satisfying customers at its most through a full refund of the product they purchase for those who are not ready to exchange the products.

  • Write it comprehensive

Present your return policy to customers in a clear version. Make sure they don’t have any confusion regarding any of the pointers included by sending them to people inside and out of the business platform for a check. The comprehensive return policy will never make the customers angry and throw away your business. So ensure that your return policy is simple and in good shape to bring back your customers in your stores for shopping in future.

  • Don’t conceal payments

Don’t surprise your customer with any of your fees. Here comes the above-mentioned pointer in mind that the return policies should be very clear and transparent. Your customer would have paid for their products nicely to be delivered to them on time. but if you are charging some fees for returns it will give a negative remark on your online store. 

  • State time, order & more

Time saverIt is a crucial part of the return policy. Here you have to specify the customers that the time limit they have to return the product and the condition of the product. There are some customers who return the products after using it or breaking it making you unable to resell them in your stores. So make it clear in your return policy that the product should be returned in 15 or 30 days time. In addition, you can also add that they have to maintain the price tag on them or the original packaging.

Moreover, if you have a wide range of products in your store you have varying return rates for different products. So you have to be diligent to make product specific return policies. This can solve the further confusions with the product returns and you won’t lose business.

  • Build your strategy easily accessible

Always make your return policy easier to find. By checking the sales rate any e-commerce retailer can tell you that they lose a lot of sales on the product listing page. This is due to many causes. Certainly one of the causes is the lack of return policy option. It will make your customers not believe the brand or store fully. So for avoiding this problem place a link to your return policy under the add to cart button.

  • Direct your staff

Make your staff also aware of your return policies. As they are the persons who deal with the customers they should know all the points related to the return policies. Also ensure perfect training for them on the valid returns, products that are not applicable for returns or what to do in the confusing situations. Inadequately trained staff can lead your business to the bottom line by taking back returns that are not worthy. So give proper training for your staff to deal with the customer returns.

  • Preventing the returns

The first and the last thing you can do to deal with this problem is by doing genuine business. Always offer your customers a clear cut picture of your products. Let it be the images as well as the descriptions always be genuine, simple and perfect. Find ways to improvise your product images and offer content-oriented descriptions.


As creating return policy can provide customers with a safe and better buying experience make it more sturdy. A stand out return policy can bring more sales and brand trust to the customers. And also ensure that your return policy is clear, simple and crisp which will provide the customers with a hassle-free return of the products. We hope that you will come up with a powerful return policy to your business platform with the aforementioned tips.