Helpdesk is all about helping your customers in all the ways possible. If your inbox flooded with a message get one of these to sort out the issues with buyers. HelpDesk ticketing system works efficiently with the help of the tag system. By simply using tag assign customer problems to respective departments. Issues may be a simple query about the availability of a product or maybe regarding payment. HelpDesk can automate these interactions and helps respond quickly to customers. The system not only helps customers but also for the seller by saving time and managing things efficiently. With HelpDesk organise your tickets and grow your business.

The helpdesk provides 24×7 support. If your buyer text you while your store closed down, no need worry. HelpDesk can be automated to respond all the time. You can channel all correspondence with the customer to HelpDesk and communicate to customers from one system. Browse the history of compliant to identify a similar problem and once for all you can resolve. Canned responses allow to provide the solution to similar problems, and saves employee time. No need to worry about data, HelpDesk stores all the data securely so that you can focus on business. HelpDesk collects feedback via a survey to improve your business as well. Have insights on customer support by looking at reports and get a new dimension to your business.


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$ 24 per month (billed monthly)
$ 19 per month (billed annually – save 20%)

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