When you start an eCommerce business, it is necessary to do product research, the niche and highly profitable product in the market. We used self-research methods and asked manufacturers on products, but either there will conflict of interest or increase in time of research. What we really need is, that, a lot of data in a small amount of time to shortlist a few products. Also, learned that knowledge and data is everything in an eCommerce business. There are many tools available in the market, however, the tools must suit individual requirements. Some of them are specially made for large corporations and others are for a retail seller. 



Algopix covers 9 Amazon, 8 eBay and 1 Walmart US marketplaces. This is huge for any market researchers since it covers a lot of data points. Many other marketplaces like Jungle Scout cover the only amazon. If you want to research eBay, one has to buy one more service. Also, one can conduct eCommerce product research on an individual level. Algopix gives data on real-time and critical metrics. Algopix shares the data like descriptions, shipping dimensions, potential profit, break ups, supply and demand. 

Bulk product analysis is possible up to 3000 products. Using CSV formats one can upload the details and Algopix will deliver the result instantly. Important analytics, most profitable products and filter out the irrelevant products. Also, Algopix delivers detailed email with recommendations, price, profits, cost breakup, and markets.use the product discovery tool to identify the items of your niches. Product discovery tool provided by Algopix is very helpful for new sellers. By simply searching the keyword, sellers can get the relevant data. For example, Chair, table or wallet, will give the list of relevant products and key metrics.

Store Analysis

Algopix helps you explore the competitor’s store, popular brand stores and their products with key metrics. Therefore, new sellers can easily find out the price, demand, fast-moving and popular products. By this way, one can build their custom strategy to beat competitors. 

Key points

  • Algopix helps in identifying the correct product without the need for barcode or product identification. 
  • Identify the trend, price with the benchmark, and market share data.
  • The product information like weight, shipping size, cost break-up, catalogue data and other information within a few seconds.
  • Get information on popular brands, new launch, global market data, product variations and price.
  • With the help of AI Classification, identify the high-profit margin market channels. Also, organise the products in the store so that customers find easily. Recommend the products based on browsing data.

Algopix Inventory Exchange

Algopix Inventory Exchange

Inventory Exchange is the B2B service offered by Algopix for eCommerce buyers and sellers. If a seller has a huge quantity of certain product, which are not sold, then one can sell in Algopix platform. Similarly one can buy the whole inventory as well. The platform gives access to large inventories, local markets and other business opportunities. If a seller is out of business, they might be liquidating the inventory. Checkout our liquidation stock for more details.


Many free tools available in the market, however, they won’t provide the data which is necessary. Either they allow you to use for free because they are using ads on their website or they are selling your data itself. Algopix is affordable which delivers the key data. In addition, opting for an annual subscription will save you 20%. Anyone can trial the services for 7 days free of cost. Check the pricing details here. Some of the complementary services like a dictionary are really helpful for new sellers. There is a lot of free information, and easily understandable.

Finally, Algopix is a great platform for product research. Opens door to many possibilities and one leverage the Algopix product research to increase the gains and be ready for the trend change.