Online markets are becoming so common and all the sellers are adapting to the new online business culture. The drift from traditional mortar and brick stores the change is revolutionizing the global market in thick and thin. As more sellers are into the online business, the competition is higher. As a result, online giants like Amazon have tightened their trade guidelines, which are more strict than in past years. By this major tactic, Amazon expects to filter the best to enter the marketplace. All the steps we take in the online marketplace is worth as each leads us to the perfect profit scale. Seller analytics tools are also crucial ones as they provide a platform for the seller to build the best competitive selling in the amazon eCommerce space.  

Some significant specialities of the Amazon seller analytics tools are as follows,

  • Profit increase

Profit increaseBy focusing on profitable products the software will help the seller to increase the profit. It will also take action over the non-profitable products to make them profitable by opting new tactics.

  • Time saver

Time saverAs a seller, you will be always busy with your product promotions and advertisements so by employing these tools they can be a real time saver. By providing live dashboard, PPC optimization, restock alerts and autoresponders. It also does the refunds for lost inventory and works along with the users and rights management. Like this way the tools reduce the manual job of sellers and find more time for them to do other promotion works.

  • Monitor KPIs 

These tools provide the right view of your key performance indicators.

  • Mobile optimised

Mobile OptimisedMobile phones have taken over many gadgets in this world in the past years. So the more convenient thing to use for the business growth is something that the seller holds in his hands all the time. So the majority of the analytic tools available in the market are can use mobile devices.

  • Single dashboard

By adding a single global dashboard the software brings all data in one place. This will make the sales easier by helping the seller to monitor multiple marketplaces and worldwide sales in a single place. You can add unlimited seller central accounts in your preferred currency without any additional charges.

  • Individual tracking

Some analytic tools provide the function of tracking your amazon products individually by viewing your sales per ASIN. So it will present in front of you the best product performers for making the sales more easier. You can take sufficient steps on the non-profitable ones too.

  • Secure data operations

In whatever platform we work the most wanted function is to secure our data operations from the other sellers and hackers. The online markets are a field of high competition so we should be careful about our realtime data. If there is a loss of your data we have to inform the amazon to prevent further infringements and frauds.

  • Detailed cost breakdowns

Many software is offering detailed cost breakdowns for the smooth functioning of the product sales. Most of the tools offer to capture, analyzing and refining billions of data points in a more accurate single click.

  • New real-time data

DataBy making use of the data from the multiple channels driven to a single-channel some tools offer us deep research and intelligence on markets. They also make use of the keywords and top-ranked products in amazon for its seller to win the buy box.

  • Multiple merchant accounts

Setting up of multiple merchant accounts across multiple regions. These tools also offer a seller the right to notify their products in the global market. By making use of the perk functioning of the multiple accounts at a time this software is redefining the market space.


We hope that you understood the significance of the seller analytics tool by walking through these insights. But choosing the precise one that suits your products and services matters. You have to research each tool thoroughly or take expert advice to select the right one. In the market, we have a large number of Softwares with different functions which can boost up your sales and profits. So make use of the facilities they provide to you for experiencing their services through trial sessions. Majority of the software are expensive so don’t choose any tool in a hurry.