10 best amazon seller tools to boost sales and win buyers for your business in 2020

Amazon seller tools are becoming a perfect solution for your amazon business pain points.  Furthermore, most of the winning sellers in the marketplace use the best of them available in the market to increase their sales and profit.

As Amazon is taking its business too seriously by strict standardization, the competition is getting furious. So to cope up with the changing market scenario, we have to engage our sales with some advanced tools.

Amazon seller tools differ in their functionals from each other. Moreover, each tool has its potential in making the business boosted in the marketplace. Here are some of the features that a seller expects to see in their tools. 

Some of the features of the best Amazon seller tools are as follows: 

Best Amazon Seller toolsPricing

Getting along with the market pricing is a hardship for the sellers who do them manually. So if the seller owns a wide range of products, it’s tough for them to stand with the competitor’s pricing.

So it’s better to assign smart pricing tools that can cope with your product pricing with the rivals pricing. 


Keyword manager

It is a crucial factor in the amazon business as the keyword search by the shoppers initiates sales. So to connect with potential customers, we have to find the most precise keyword that can increase the discoverability of your product for the best sales.

Moreover, keywords are gaining significance. The tools are more advanced to find the perfect one from the thousands of keywords available that can display your business insights. 

Collecting the seller feedback and product reviews

Reviews and feedback are the critical part of amazon business, so if there is any negative review, the tool will inform you to minimize the loss of the company. 

Customer help desk support

The software helps to provide e-commerce business with a stable platform to help them centralize and manage all support options, information, and capabilities.


Some software gets the shipping works of the business done easier. They will download the orders from your online stores and makes it easy to ship.


This type of software helps busy business people to spend less time on the sales tax and more time on growing the business.


This software helps online retailers to receive money from the international marketplaces without worrying about the local bank accounts.

Product research

Before deciding your next product, these tools will help you to choose the most accurate, compelling data available to increase your sales. 


Finding the most appropriate product to be sold on the marketplace is a tough task, so there is much software to make this sourcing of the products more accessible.


Advertising software helps to give your business a great platform to advertise your products and goods. It will also drive more traffic to your products.

Product Listing

Manage your complete, expert-level optimized list in no time with some amazon seller tools. Also, it removes ambiguity and places you in a proper position which has the highest volume keywords.

Expert level integration

Set your business with API integrations with seller tools to run entirely its own. It also saves you valuable time by reducing the hectic manual work and skyrocketing your profit margin.

Now here are the 10 Best amazon seller tools available in the market

  1. Prizm:

    It can offer a complete customized product search from over 20 parameters. Furthermore, Prizm can help you to access the most accurate database for powerful product research insights.

  2. PPCS

    PPCS is the best tool in the market to manage your amazon advertising account. Also, It helps you to picturise your advertising spend, automate your keyword bidding, and maximize your valuable time.

  3. Listing manager

    This tool will optimize your listing to the top 1% with the compelling amazon data. It also promises full confidence in your listing optimization.

  4. Alerts

    Alerts is a customizable surveillance system available in your seller tools dashboard. It protects your profits when you act on the most significant changes to your listings in an instant.

  5. Zapier

    Zapier allows you to integrate your business entirely with over a thousand other web apps through seller tools.

  6. AMZ Report card

    Gather the top performers in your space and capture their keywords in seconds with AMZ report card from seller tools.

  7. Search Volume

    Through search volume, you get weightage for your brand analytics and exclusive access to perfect keyword search volume in your daily workflow.

  8. Channel Advisor

    By offering the complete solutions for the problems from marketing to sales and fulfillment, ChannelAdvisor is the precise stop for the growth of your Amazon FBA business.

  9. ZonGuru

    It is a set of tools that helps you grow in every phase of your amazon business. Furthermore, the solutions offered by the tool include listing, launching, customer contact, metrics, alert, research, production, and re-order.

  10. Seller Tools

    Seller tools always offer excellent support for the hopefull sellers with guidance from the alerts to listing optimization. Furthermore, the pricing for the device starts from $57, and it’s a monthly chargeable tool.


As a whole, the software you choose depends on your stage of amazon business and the budget you have for the software. Choosing the best tool depends on business size and type. The main motto of selecting the best tool is to reduce manual work. Also, they help the seller to cope up with the competitors in the market. Before selecting any software, you have to check if the software has a trial plan. Because if you are selecting software after the trial period, then you can be confident in using the best amazon seller tools, and you will not lose money.

So check twice before selecting an amazon seller tool for your Amazon business.