Quality InspectionAmazon sellers buy millions of products from suppliers across the globe. The majority of that share comes from china. Many private label products, branded products and other items shipped from China to the USA, UK and other nations. Amazon sellers must ensure the quality of the product before they ship to customers. One must be aware of quality, condition, handling and packing. But it is impossible to check each product. Hiring independent consultants to verify the standards is the best solution. No need to worry about Infrastructure, staff and other resources.

The product inspection will happen at factories, at the time of manufacture by an independent authority. They look for compliance with product specification as per contract. Also, identify the damages or any alterations during the manufacturing process. The goods must match the intended use of customers. Also, the product specification must match with many online marketplaces, country-specific norms and regulations. The product design might have the perfect specs, ultimately everything will be in action at the time of production.

Is the product Inspection Necessary?

QualityWhen you are importing products from china and sellers are sitting in the US or UK, how do you know the product will meet your designs and standards? What is the guarantee that they are doing the exact manufacturing process as agreed? Inspection is necessary before you pay thousands of dollars and ship them that to your country. Also, in case of any defects or damages, you can reject those products, or get them ready in the manufacturing plant itself. Also, manufacturers will care more when the inspections are conducted at their facility. One cannot rely on samples provided by manufacturers. When you are doing business with thousands of dollars, one must be taken care of the product in every step. From raw material, production process or packing, anything can be varied little and spoil the whole business for you.

Generally, Inspection is conducted in three stages

Inspection is done at buyer request in any of the stage. Stage of inspection will vary from product to product. Based on product design, requirements and usage purpose, Inspection of the product is planned. Some of the products may require chemical tests, mechanical properties or other advance tests which require special facility. On the other hand, a simple visual inspection is sufficient for simple products. Therefore, when deciding the package of inspection, Amazon sellers must be aware of their products specification. What all the test will help them guarantee the life of the product and usage. In some cases, the product designing firm will provide manual for test and inspection of the product. Also, third-party inspection will have to undergo certain training to conduct the inspection. Ultimately, all of these procedures will increase the cost of production.

The sample size of Inspection

Sample sizeAround 15% of the products must be checked to get confidence in the quality of the item. Picking samples from multiple batches is a great way to increase accuracy. For complex products, a full inspection is necessary. For example, simple products like selfie stick or toys, a sample size of 10-20% is recommended. However, for electronics, major appliances each product must be inspected. 

How to handle the defected Products found in Inspection?

According to the contract between the buyers and sellers decisions are made. One can make a deal with the manufacturer to get fix the problems or complete replacement. So, before the payment proper contract, the arrangement is necessary. However, for small retail importers, it is difficult to deal with the product defects. The second inspection is necessary in case of manufacturer fix the initial problem. Generally, this cost will be borne by the manufacturer and proper agreement is necessary for these cases. 


Product inspection is a very important part of the eCommerce business. As a wholesale buyer, before making a payment to traders or manufacturers, it is our responsibility to make sure the order is in perfect condition. The whole business stands on the quality and service we provide to customers. Also, find the blog on How to Find Suppliers in China?