Amazon FBA Sourcing Tips: Top 4 Tips that work well in November

Hurray!! It’s already November, and It’s quite noticeable that the profits from Amazon FBA are increased slightly because of Black Friday and Halloween. This blog will help you out in utilizing the rest of the Winter season. Here are the useful tips for sourcing FBA in November. While your competitors focus on just selling toys, toys, and toys, we want to broaden the thinking and make the rest of the winter more profitable.

Of course, we have listed toys in one of the below tips. The reason behind that is it’s quite evident that customers will buy toys for sure in Christmas and New year season. We intend to let you know there are other products as well that help you make excellent profits by sourcing other than toys.

#Tip 1: Halloween Clearance Sale

Clearance sales are always a great opportunity to make profits. Halloween candy is the most bought item throughout the year. Even Halloween Costumes are the most sold products. If a store sells those costumes at 90% off, definitely you should buy and put them in your store. Theaters, Studios, and Schools play may require such costumes during the year.

#Tip 2: Winter Essentials

Now it’s the beginning of November and so is the cold. Some parts of the US will be hitting sub-zero soon. The requirements for winter essentials will also go high. If you find winter products in clearance, please buy those as-soon-as-possible. Especially, the kid’s blankets and hoodies with a local logo on it. Winter boots, moisturizers, Ice scrapers, winter caps, snowblowers, snow goggles, and many more will perform very well in raising your profits.

#Tip 3: Christmas Gift

Who hates gifts? As December is approaching, you can think of gifting items that even for adults. You can stock your store with items that can be shared among family and friends.

#Tip 4: Black Friday!!!

One of the most awaited events for the reseller is Black Friday. It’s on the 29th of November this year. It doesn’t mean that all profits will happen on the same day. Retail and online sellers will plan pre and post-sales. Usually, pre and post Black Friday deals are the most profitable.

Make most out of clearance sales. If a store sells any items now at 90% off, it will be a high ROI.