Focus on growth and automate the rest is the new slogan out in eCommerce industry. Ecommerce market is at its high time and most of the sellers are into online marketing apart from their traditional brick and mortar stores. The huge volume of sales and increasing shoppers visiting the sites increased the sellers to an aggressive search for a way to tackle the huge volume. And here comes the eCommerce automation in to highlight. The major advantage of automation is scalability. When we scale the huge volume business, a seller has to look forward to a tool that can. Give prior importance to the demands, complexity and repetition mount. The scaling should not affect the work volume and loose off the database. But new hirings won’t saturate the situation. So the sellers have to look for the third option, eCommerce automation for the smooth functioning of the online store.

Ecommerce Automation – Online marketing simplified


Ecommerce automation helps the entrepreneurs or marketers to streamline the manual works in their online store to a more simplified one. It converts tasks, processes and e-commerce campaigns in the business at a precise time. Also, it helps to save time from the hardships of the manual works and human errors. Majority of the successful sellers around the world claim that automation is an integral part of the profitable online store. Moreover, they recommend automation of the online stores to beat their rivals in the market space.

Some benefits of e-commerce automation are.

  • Managing multiple campaigns at ease.
  • Engaging with website visitors
  • More time for customer interaction.

Implementable 7 E-commerce automation hacks for e-commerce marketers

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To compete in the highly competitive eCommerce industry, the sellers have to concentrate on the significant parts by giving automation tools to do the rest. By providing the important functions of the business like sales, production, purchasing, administration, customer service and finance to automated tools, marketers can concentrate on the promotions and advertising of the products.

So here are the 7 implementable eCommerce automation hacks   

  • Provide customers with a warm greeting

Giving a warm welcome to the customers, when they enter your stores, will give them a token of appreciation and wanted. But each time welcoming them manually is a tough task. Only 57% of e-commerce stores greet their new customers with a welcome note.  

Even though this sign up gives 5 to 15 seconds of engagement, welcome mail can do around 400% more. As welcoming emails are a mean of a good impression, in the market, they’re a lot of welcome email templates to interact with the customers effectively.

Some significant means of interacting with the customers are.

  • Series of messages including coupons. Emails combined with a series of messages including coupons, special offers and deals are of great benefit.

It is a consistent process that makes the customers purchase the products. In addition, there is an email marketing template to make it more effective.

  • Automation tool.

In the market, we have a lot of tools to make the functions of an online store easier some of them are.

  • HubSpot: Automate email campaigns.
  • Mobit: Automate your SMS with Mobit.
  • Marketo: Create automated campaigns.
  • Create a state of missing a good offer through social media platforms.

Limited offers and seasonal sales make a state of fomo (fear of missing out) in the people’s mind. In addition, this will trigger instant purchases from shoppers. Pop-ups and ads of the best sellers in your store can make the shoppers buy the same product to see why others opt for the products. Besides everything, these marketing tactics will boost up sales and profit.

  • Automating referrals

Give your customers a chance to make a sale by referrals. If the existing customers recommend a product or service, it can be an addon benefit for the marketers, Furthermore, it can boost up the sale of the products. Moreover, they can encourage this business hack among the customers by providing coupons and discounts on purchases.

  • Target deserted carts again

In the market, many online sellers are experiencing a fact that many of the customers visit the site and add some products to the carts but won’t purchase it. This customer percentage is on a hike of 70% too. So the sellers are aggressively working to make all their customers visit purchases. Moreover, this leads to lower conversion rates that affect the sales badly. The sellers have to aim at customers like this and make them notice the products they have added to the cart. Commonly used hacks are emailing, SMS, or push out a notification to target the customers again.

  • Confirm UGC

To boost up the sales user-generated content is of great help. In addition, Most of the customers look into the other customer’s feedback and reviews before doing a purchase. So the user-generated content by the customers with images and videos will increase the reachability of the product and service to the shoppers. In addition, you can even request shoppers to write reviews, showcase customer images or videos with their product stories. The most significant thing you have to do is to filter the contents in the stories to eliminate the unjust stories. You think this will be a hard job, but in the market, there are a lot of automation tools to help the sellers to find real reviews. Implementing these tools can make increase the conversion rate to an all-new level.

  • Pop-ups are a great way for attention

Timely pop-ups are very effective as they can attract the customers to the online stores by presenting exciting offers, thank-you note, asking for feedback and making them stay on the market platform. 

  • Make use of chatbots

Sending personalized messages to each customer conversation is not much applicable. To be available in the time and interact with the customers lively is challenging so we have many automated chatbots that can work 24/7 a day for answering the customer’s messages. Moreover, with artificial intelligence, all the automation tools have a special feature to answer each of the customer’s hastily by remembering the previous conversations. 


The more you automate your online store processes, the more time and money you save. From the aforementioned automation hacks, we hope you will come up with a better strategy to automate your business space. Check out the blog on Fashion Industry