Online business is now a great trend among the marketplaces. The most amazing fact is anyone can start a money-making business online with a computer or smartphone. In the market, we can find a lot of tools to build your online business. On the other hand, you can make money from anywhere in the world with your own work schedule. The growth and profits depend upon the hard work and time we spent on the business. Apart from the traditional brick and mortar shops, you don’t need a capital fund to start an online business. In fact, there are a lot of free facilities available in the market which helps you to start your online business without any cost. So in this article, we bring before you such five eCommerce start-up solutions to start an online business with little or no cost.

5 low investment business ideas


  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is more simple than dropshipping as in this business model you just have to provide a unique product link. In addition, you don’t have to maintain inventory or worry about the shipping of the products. A customer who clicks the link will be directed to the affiliate partners shopping cart for checkout. Here the seller receives a 5 to 25% commission from the affiliate partner. The basic aspect of affiliate marketing is to find a profitable niche for your online business. On the other hand, it gives you more time for marketing and focuses on paid and free ways to market the products. 

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping helps the business owners to get rid of the risks related to the maintenance of inventory, product handling and delivery. In addition, it also eliminates the financial cost of warehouse and problems regarding sending the orders globally. 

In fact, dropshipping gives the benefit of getting more time to focus on marketing and advertising. Furthermore, it assists in driving more customers and boost sales in the business. On the other hand, the major hardship in this business model is finding a reputed drop shipper to deliver your products in good shape and time. The other reason is the competition in the field. The margins the seller receive is the difference of the wholesale price to the price they sell to the customer. Anyhow this is a worthy model with no-cost startup option.

  • Upload engaging video

product photographyYoutube channel is a most frequently visited channel by any netizen on a daily basis. With around 1 billion users it is the popular channel on the internet. You can weigh youtube for making money by uploading engaging videosFor this, you have to come up with a proven strategy to maximise the views of multiple videos on a regular basis. In addition to this, you have to stitch some content-oriented videos to increase the views. The major steps included in this youtube channel creation are opening a youtube account, start uploading videos and add monetization on your settings. This, in turn, will help google to add short AdSense ads along with your videos. When viewers click on this ad you get paid. The other option is paid sponsorships in the channel. Always remember to make videos simple, engaging and interesting to increase your money.

  • Launch online courses and digital products

If you are starting an online business with the digital products it also accounts for easy and quick money-making. To create a digital product is literally easy and the common formats include

  • Audio: It may be some teleconference, interview, course or spoken product.
  • Video: How to videos or webinars
  • Text: travel guide, booklet of some sort or ebook

This is actually a passive income as you can make the money at the time of sleep too. Furthermore, the main thing is that you should be very creative to make engaging and useful content.

  • Google AdSense

When we open some sites we can see some ads popping up. Actually these ads are from the Google advertising network. They are pay per click ads appear in the blogs. In addition, this is a completely hands-off deal where you have to collect a code from the google and place it in your site. The ads will appear automatically and will be related to your blog topic. So you can increase your clicks and earn more money by giving a great experience for the readers.  


The magic with any online business is to make sure you are in a profitable niche. And to be more profitable in the market always ensure to be an active person who finds new opportunities in the ever-evolving marketplace. Moreover, keep up with the new trends check more often at the sites like amazon, and understand what people are concerned about. As a professional tip don’t stick on to one business add your revenue by adding more.