eBay, the largest marketplace just as the Amazon, has turned to be a money tree for the people who work smarter with the online store. To a newbie who has started the online business on eBay, it is tough to win in the competitive field.

With a vast seller database, even the big shots in the online store look forward to more simplified ways to make money. They make it by saving the majority for promotion and advertising.

Fortunately, to help the sellers from time-consuming manual works in online marketing, we have a lot of automated stuff. 

Setting up a store to interact in social media, product listing, customer support, and shipping ensure a high sales result in the online stores.

So making the job of repricing more simplified and advanced, we have eBay repricers in the market.

Significance of eBay Repricers

The manual managing of the fulfillment and inventory has become more burdensome in these days due to a high volume of products and competition.

Moreover,  there is no enough time for sellers to check on rival products and reprice them. As this step is more crucial, to maintain a valuable position in the market, we should give ample consideration.

In short, implementing automated tools ensures a helping hand in selling multiple products across different marketplaces. These tools also provide an organized, efficient, and error-free market.  

Here are four advanced eBay repricers for successful eBay sales. 

#1. SellerHub 

Providing real-time insights is the highlight of the tool. The data includes sourcing guidance, restock advice, and listing improvements.

In-depth sales data and the seller Hub performance data provide details of the buyers, top performers, and buyer traffic. Besides, it also gives us a picture of history, trends, and monthly sales.

The centralized listing management includes editing and canceling the listings, and the list variations along with bulk create.

In short, the listing edits make the tool fantastic.


Entirely free for download, pay only for the subscriptions. They offer some premium services, with a price charge starting from $75 and above to avail more features.

#2. Repricer Express

Primarily used as Amazon repricing tool repricer express is now an eBay repricer tool from 2016. By applying the matching tactic of UPC universal product code, the software helps us to find the identical product and reprice it.

Also, it works on a rule-oriented system to customize the pricing, and it continuously monitors the competition 24×7 a day. 

It also helps in setting the minimum and maximum prices to save our products from hitting bottom. The repricer also allows you to compare the prices with the Amazon inventory. 

In short, it allows a seller to sell your products in the two marketplaces simultaneously.   


Operated as a web-based application, it offers price starting from $55. If you are aware of your products and starting a budgeted business, opt for their 15-day trial package. 

#3. Street pricer

Designed uniquely for the eBay sellers, the tool analyses your products and finds the rival products selling the exact items. 

Compared to other tools available in the market, this tool enables product matching through artificial intelligence. 

Moreover,  the tool will not even ask for the keywords to increase the product traffic functioning in a particular set of rules regarding the pricing.

The tool also offers high-end accuracy in its functioning. 


The prices start from $75 per month for 1000 listings. For you to check the functions of the tool, the company offers a 14-day trial package before subscriptions. 

The price increases as the eBay accounts hype or with the active product listing. 

#4. Price Guard

 The Australian origin eBay repricer offers a handful of ways to manage and monitor the pricing of the inventory. 

It targets the matching items by the UPCs and keywords. Easily customizable search criteria, competitor findings, and price updates are the elegant features of the tool.

The price guard functions to identify the top-selling product and add for future inventory. It also monitors your supplier’s inventory levels. So eBay listings will turn to out of stock when your supplier runs out of inventory. 


Prices from AU $49.90 the tool offers a 14 day trial for its beloved customers before purchase. 

Final Thoughts

It is effortless to use the eBay repricers, and it has simplified the rate of success in the eBay online business.

We have a lot of repricer tools available in the market, but choosing the right one for your business is very crucial. To check the same, you can use the trial packages of the tools before subscriptions. 

We hope the aforementioned repricer tool list will help you choose the right one and gain a crucial step over your competitors.