Its the world of text messages, emails and social media networks. So the best way a business can grow is through social media platforms. Ecommerce has changed the view of the customers to an all-new level. Customers are treated as the king by availing all the fine services in the business platform. So by visiting or purchasing any items in the online stores, they expect some relevant information sent to them. Here come followup emails as a perfect idea. We can send such customers followup emails to make them engage with our brand. It is also reported that 68% of US online shoppers engage with live chat features, calls and emails. So it is high time to think of the relevance of followup emails and the perfect way to write the same. Mailchimp is of the popular platform to manage emails to a large number of subscribers. Check out the review on Mailchimp here.

Followup email

follow upSignificance of followup emails is getting more crucial in the online business. These are the emails we sent to the customers as a follow up for their websites visit or purchase with the store. This mails will include all the relevant information that a customer needs to improvise their experience with the online store. In addition, this can also bring back them to purchase more by making a perfect bond. Followup emails usually include the offers, discounts, loyalty programs, alert messages regarding your cart items, order delivery and its experiences. 

Significance of follow up emails

 Follow up emails has the potential to make tons of revenue by conveying relevant messages to the customers. In addition, it also improves the user experience and keeps the business top of mind. Many of the companies are not aware of the business growth that followup emails can bring up.

Points hindering people from following up

Sample sizeCustomers are not always visiting your stores or purchasing so it’s you who have to be concerned about their interests. Following up the responses from the customers can be a little awkward. But if you want to build up a positive response you have to give timely reminders to the customers to respond to your mails. Some points that drag the customers back from following up are

  • Don’t pressurize your followup

Always give quality time for the customers to respond to your followup emails. If you become pushy in your emails the customers will lose their patience and will look for other online stores. So show some patience and take follow up as your responsibility.

  • Don’t forget to followup

Some of you will think that you have conveyed content-oriented followup email so the customer will respond to you at any cost. It won’t be true at all times. Customers are also busy people so they will forget to followup. In short, set some reminders in the calenders or automate the process when no response received.

  • Don’t expect a fast response

If you send some really relevant pieces of information too customers won’t respond to you soon. This does not mean that the customers are not reading or they are not responding. Always send the emails with a perfect time gap for the customers to go through it when they get the time and respond. 

4 easy steps to write a followup email

  • Decide an objective

Identify clearly the end goal you have to achieve from your message. By this, you can create a call to action from your recipient to get back to you. Meanwhile, you can achieve your goal too. 

  • Start with a context. 

Always clear your context to the customers that why you are sending the emails to them. You can include the way you came to know about them or how you reached to them. As a professional tip, always keep your messages short and crisp for the customers to understand the context clearly.

  • Clearly state a purpose and craft a subject line

Stating your purpose of the emails will drive more customers to your stores. If you are providing the customers with a vague or unclear message then you will lose the customer. Some of the lines that you can include in your emails to surface your purpose are I want to invite you, as we discussed and it would be great to hear from you. As you include a purpose, it is significant to give the followup emails a catchy subject line. Customers usually get attracted to the emails because of the subject line you give them. So providing an attractive subject line will gravitate more customer to read the emails that you send them.

  • Send a followup mail

There is a broad spectrum of followup options you can use with your customers. Like phone calls, letters and even in person but emails are the quick way to send, track and comment. The scalability of the emails makes it more advisable option for followups

  •  Drive better sales with followup email templates

In the market, we have a wide range of email templates to try. They are used to make your manual work more simple. In addition, you can copy and paste your messages in these templates. The major five sections that constitute the templates are opener, context, proof, action and closer. By combining all this you will receive an email format. But as a professional tip, personalized emails are the best to drive more customers.


By walking through the significant insights of follow-up emails we hope you will come up with the perfect followup emails. On the other hand, If your sales shoot up and you have to increase the reachability to hundreds of people then it’s difficult to manually manage. So you can depend on any automated tool available in the market. With the help of these tools, you can personalize your emails in bulk with powerful mail merge features and schedule followup mails. As we conclude always patience pays off.