Many see amazons product selling option to earn income, which demands warehouse, product search, supplier hunt and many of it’s of own factors. However, there is one more amazing chance to work with amazon by dealing with logistics. Amazon US last year made a big move by dealing with Mercedes to improve the delivery capacity using custom made Amazon trucks. Amazon placed a 20,000 trucks order with Mercedes. This created a ripple in the logistics industry and created many job opportunities. On September 2019, amazon ordered another 100,000 electric delivery truck for Europe and North America. The electric-auto company is US Based called “Rivian”, founded in 2009. Amazon is moving its logistics operations with electric trucks to honour climate pledge and to ensure zero greenhouses gasses. Not just cars and vans, amazon recently added 15 Boeing 737 air freighters to its air cargo.

Amazon delivers more than 10 billion items per year to customers, hence keeping the environment clean is important in the process. This means great, amazon is growing and lots of opportunities to earn income. Don’t worry about drones, or robot starts delivering amazon products, that is not happening in any near future.

There is a huge difference in norms when compared amazon with other logistic service companies. Amazon works 24 x 7 and 7 days a week, sometimes customers get the products on the same day. Another big part of online business is logistics, and an eCommerce business, one cannot work as a traditional delivery service. The one more main ingredient is “Product return”, several customers return their products because of many reasons. That must also be handled very efficiently. Return services also nothing but shipping back to sellers, and Amazon doesn’t know which customer returns the item until they do. So return service is a must for every order. 

Amazon dealt with many problems in logistics space and it is slowly taking control of delivery on their own. Every customer reported their unhappiness on delivery since Amazon started. For instance late delivery, delivery at an inconvenient time, damages, and lost packages these are some of the common problems arises logistics.

Earn using Amazon Flex

Amazon flex is a successful model similar to Uber, or Online Food order system. If you have a truck or two-wheeler, one can become a delivery person. From amazon warehouse or Amazon delivery station to given address, one can door deliver to customers and receive $15-$20 per hour based on the number of deliveries made. Individual or firms with trucks, no criminal records and insurance can start a business using amazon flex app. This is a smart system where Amazon doesn’t have the headache of delivery and on the other side creates many job opportunities. 

Amazon Flex is a great way of dealing with shipping however once the item leaves amazon station, products will be in hands of 3rd party. They must deal with the packed items carefully, deliver to the correct person, the Delivery vehicle might face accidents or breakdown and delay delivery, and sometimes customers will not be at home. These are the problems Amazon facing currently and which is causing a lot of shipping headaches. Also, individuals are not amazon employees so basically there are fewer ethics in this system. Big logistics companies like FedEx have their infrastructure, employees and system that withstand many hurdles more than 100 years. Amazon, on the other hand, came up with the smart system called Amazon Flex which is working better and highly flexible, but not scalable. Amazon Flex is just limited to a city. 

For individuals looking to earn passive income and without the need for investment, it is easy to join Amazon Flex. One can earn a good income by working just 7-8 hours and be there own boss. 

Amazon Delivery Service Partners

For companies, Amazon has another game called Amazon Delivery Service Partners. Which is designed for companies or amazon encourage individual to start a business and get help, training and support by Amazon. Amazon offers trucks to these companies and helps them to deal with logistics. But this is overall amazing, however, the drivers are not amazon employees. Although, they deliver Amazon packages, drives amazon trucks but unfortunately not an amazon employee. Everyday drivers go to Amazon partner companies, check vans for damages, pack your food, a smartphone is a must or in some places amazon provide their own phone. Once load your van with amazon packages and start delivering items to customers. Here, drivers earn based on miles and the number of package delivery. Generally, one can deliver around 200 – 300 packages and earn a decent income. 


Finally, Many feel amazon is just washing their hands-on employee responsibilities by outsourcing it partnering companies. But at the same time, this is creating good job opportunities and work flexibility. Amazon flex is an amazing job option especially in developing countries like India, Brazil and other countries. Amazon is already a very big company and outsourcing the job, is seen as negative by some people and some see it as a great opportunity to work on there own time. Ultimately, one can earn a good income say $15-$20 per hour by helping with amazon logistics.