Amazon is an amazing market place full of opportunities. To make $1000 by selling in amazon one can Start a local arbitrage business unit, private label or product design. When we think of buying something online, the first name that strikes our mind is amazon because of its deals and jaw-dropping lowest prices in the online markets. With over 2.7 million visits of customers on average each month, the online giant’s net revenue was 232.89 billion USD in 2018. You can also be a part of the online marketplace and start to earn $1000. If you are a budding entrepreneur, and you look forward to increasing your profit, it’s highly favourable to put your business as a  part of Amazon. 

Amazon offers you two types of product selling

Selling via Amazon with FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a fantastic program by amazon to help its sellers carefree marketing of their goods. If we are selling our products through the Amazon FBA, we have to select the most selling products from the Amazon bestseller list. Approach a seller or manufacturer for private labelling, and to ship the products to the Amazon warehouses. All the back end processes will be carried out by the Amazon. Such as the picking packing and shipping of the products according to the customer purchase. Amazon is again ready to take care of the customer feedbacks and even product returning. 

We have to pick the appropriate product to promote it with advertisements, manage inventory, and optimize it to rank higher in the search lists. In this case, the seller can relax a bit as all the back end processes are carried out by the amazon.   

Selling on Amazon Directly

Amazon direct selling will be a little time consuming as you have to solely take the orders and ship the products straight to the customer’s address. Here you have to;

  • Select the product
  • Choose a selling plan
  • Register online
  • List the products in amazon market place
  • Sell items to customers
  • Ship it to the customers, and
  • Get paid straight by the amazon to the bank account.

Earning money in the marketplace is again bestowed on the exclusive products we choose for selling. Selling our products for high margins, providing significant eCommerce content, and storytelling will commute more brand loyalty and image. This makes our products more reputed and of high quality. Also, it helps us to gain trust from the customers.

If you are a seller with good inventory and high ranking products with excellent reviews, you are surely a success maker in the online market.

Here are some basics to earn $1000 in the Amazon 

Choose a product niche

Choosing a product is very important as it remarks on the success of an online business. We have to learn the customer’s needs and select a product from the Amazon bestseller list. We can put a considerable profit margin and pick the products that tempt the customers to repurchase again and again. 

Visibility on amazon

The products listed should be discoverable when we search for it. Optimizing the titles and product descriptions are highly recommended to increase the search rankings. Also, we should check for the benchmarks of amazon for proper optimization. Keyword oriented product names and descriptions are very crucial for improving the trafficking towards the product. 

Selling with video adverts and graphics

For product descriptions, some customers prefer high-quality images of the product for purchase. Therefore, adding some lifestyle contents and customer photos to the product image can give a positive vibe on the product.

Promote your products

The seller solely promotes the products through the promotion campaigns that include email campaigns, giveaways, discounts, and flash sales. At the beginning of the business and the holiday seasons, these promotions can give a uphold on your customers, and you can drive more customers to your sites

Influencer marketing

In markets, we can find a lot of influencers, but choosing the perfect one to suit our business is more important. If we partner with them, they can help us to increase the customer base by their videos or blog posts. 

Providing customer care support

Proactive customer care support is very significant in driving trafficking towards your products. If you are providing a timely solution for the queries by the customers, consider dropping the answers proactively. By doing so, products will rank higher as amazon finds the customer reviews into consideration in listing the product.


By the above mentioned clever hacks, you can earn $1000 or above if you are consistent and patient in the results. Fast results are not possible in the online market, but patience will pay off.