Online markets are taking the global market to a more refined level. Giving more weight to the customers are turning to be their prime motto. 

By giving excellent customer support, the online marketplaces foresee effectively driven customer traffic, conversions, and sales.

However, competition in the marketplace is giving pressure to the sellers to provide more leverage to the ratings and review platform to make their life more comfortable in the online site.

In short, here comes the relevance of this article to level up you in the online business to gravitate more positive customer reviews for excellent sales margins.

Ways of review collection

  • Star ratings in 5
  • Adding a question and answer format feedback for the purchases
  • Cheer up the purchasers to add photos and videos of their purchases
  • Stitching the customer qualification along with the review
  • Add more size and fit information from purchases.

Significance of product review

eCommerce ReviewsIncreasing product traffic : The complete positive review can engage customers to buy a product. For the increase in product trafficking, you have to get a clear picture of the google indexes of product reviews. Furthermore, As per the Google algorithm, the more you get the product reviews, you increase the number of keywords.

As a result, you will be ranked on the top of google searches. In short,  there was a 108% uplift in the product pages with more customer reviews.

Increased conversions: Product review numbers are just proportionate to the conversion rates. If a customer is buying a product for a lifetime, then he should read the product descriptions thoroughly. But nowadays, customers rely more on reviews than any product descriptions. So attaching more reviews to the products will give the customers a perfect view of the product, which in turn increases the chance for a purchase.

Better product production: The reviews help the manufacturers to increase the quality of the product so that they can target more customers in the future.

Checklist for a quality product review

Field customization in product types : We have to customize the review filling field in the product types for the effective review collection. Customizing the fields for each product can give a clear picture of the product to the customers.

Encourage the feedback sharing of qualified people: The review from the qualified people always gets a leverage in the online market. As customers are more into reviews in purchasing a product. So buying a product experienced by a qualified person makes them more confident in the product.

Content and visuals generated by users: Images and the videos sharing from the customer side is a crucial mode of increasing the purchases. It was also reported that the customers are more interested in buying products with photos and videos tagged with the reviews.

Encouraging these types of review collection will uniquely increase your product exposure. This will simultaneously increase customer conversions.

8 amazing tips to encourage eCommerce reviews

1. Content optimization

Optimize your review forms for mobile for effective review collection. As from recent research, It was noted that the majority of the emails are opened from the mobiles.

So incentivizing the shoppers who use mobiles will encourage the review posting.

2. Incentives

Always try to incentivize the process of review writing as the customers love giving priority for their contributions. 

But beware of some sites like amazon who completely against the incentive tactics. Always be transparent with your reviews and differentiate the reviews based on the incentives received. 

Some of the incentives plan you can provide your customers are offering free shipping or discounts and review sweepstakes.

3. Responding to reviews even if it’s negative

Responding to the negative reviews is also a business strategy as the customers are very eager in checking such reviews. 

So adding the right solutions for the negative reviews can increase your customer confidence to repeat their purchases.

4. Sharing positive reviews

Sharing positive reviews on social media platforms is an eminent measure to increase sales and profits.

This also gives the customers a boost up to share their contributions as we weigh their reviews. Directly sharing the screenshot of their review in the social media will surely encourage the other customers. 

5. Allocating different spaces for the review collection

Give your potential customers the reviews available from any platforms they want to do their purchase. So allocating different spaces for the review collection can be more fruitful in such cases.

6. Getting help from trusted ratings and review platform

In the market, there are many software available that can help you to generate, display and syndicate product reviews.

These tools help the customers to gain confidence in the product purchase by increasing the content collection. 

7. Reviewing multiple purchases at once

Instead of mailing the customers for each of their purchases include their recent purchases all together for reviewing a single check.

Including multiple items always gross you a significant increase in the collected content in the website.

The lesser the time spent by the customers you can collect more reviews so provide them with all in one view to write the better experience.

8. Use a product sampling program

If you lack an efficient customer database you can conduct a product sampling campaign including the sampling communities and the micro-influencers.

Encourage them to come up with enthralling feedbacks and reviews to support your products online. 


By walking through the insights you can find the areas where you have to give more importance and the new tactics to introduce in the field. 

Some of the extra tips that you can add up to frizzle your review collection are as follows, 

  • customizing the look of the forms and information the customers share
  •  add tags unique to the product types and
  •  customizing the CSS to prioritize the brands.

With the above-mentioned pointers, we hope you will encourage customers to add product compelling reviews for the top ranking in the markets.

As a result, it will enhance the sales and profits of your products.