Photographs talk more than words. In today’s market shoppers don’t have time to read and understand about the products. They want everything instantly so incase of products the most attractive way to get attention is by posting clear and perfect ones. By posting genuine photos of your products can increase brand transparency and trust. In markets, we have some other sellers who post high definition photos of their products. But when the customer receives the product it will be completely different from the photo which is presented in the site. So customers will lose trust in your brand and they look for other brands who post exact photos of their products. Therefore don’t let bad product photos ruin your hard work. As images are the first impression of the product just make sure you present them quality ones. The three main points to keep in mind when you post a photo are engaging, increase conversions and trigger the lifetime value of the customers.

Product photography

product photographyLet your photos tell the story of your product. The whole point of taking pictures is that you don’t have to explain much about the product or brand. The main aspect of product photography is that the images need to highlight the significance of your product from the buyer’s side. Furthermore, multiple photos from different angles build a complete picture of the product which can make shoppers appreciate the design details.

Photography and conversion rates

The quality of the products can increase your brand’s reachability towards your customers. So by presenting polished professional clicks of your products can attract more customers to your business platform, in turn, increase your conversion rates.

Here are the two main tips to increase the conversion rates, 

  • Increase customer touchpoint

The images of the products represent the product quality and price. They speak to the customers relating the product page and content. So make your images cooler and appealing to the shoppers. 

Moreover, these image presentation can increase the shopper’s traffic towards your online store and as result maximum conversion rates.

  • A major factor in branding

To make a long term relationship with the customers the product images have a key role. The quality, colour, saturation everything about the product will communicate with your target audience.

So even branding is an option for increasing conversion rates. 

2 Types of Product Photography

There are two main criteria in product photography for marketing in online marketplaces. 

  • Clear product centred image

These type of product only photos includes taking of particular product photos in different angles. Furthermore, these images to be shot on a white background to give a consistent look streamlining the product.

  • Lifestyle images

In this product photography, the product will be accompanied by the intended environment complementing the product. Here the product has a story to tell and these photos are most commonly shot to post in social media platforms, blog posts and emails. This type of photo is mostly taken in emotional engagement criteria.

Basic requirements for product photography

At first, it will be little profusing but going around it will become easier and you don’t have to think and waste time on new ideas. The major requirement is to find a process that suits your needs, optimize it and create a set of guidelines to make the images more consistent. Now we can look at some of the product photography tips

  • Organize your product and  background

Always keep your products up in front of your background on a stable flat surface. For a stable surface, you can make use of a shooting table. Now in case of background, you can use a white backdrop like a light tent so it will reflect light back and improve your product photo quality. And in the end, if the lighting is perfect your product is ready to shoot.

  • Choose Lighting perfect areas

Ensuring good light to the product is more important. This light source can be natural or artificial but it should be placed in the right place.

  • Tripods are the best

TripodTripods can decrease the camera shake thus helps us to take quality photos of the products. Again as a pro tip, you don’t have to buy any expensive tripods for taking photos. In the markets, there are many cheap ones available you can make use of that for taking quality photos.

  • Select the right camera for the shoot

Smartphones will work perfectly only but using higher quality cameras tend to help improve the look and presentation of the product photos. And it is not always the camera that does the magic but the lighting, exposure, styling and post-processing. So instead of investing much on the camera do it in a perfect way with a budgeted one.

  • Take care of the post-processing too

Post-processing has a significant role in product photography. Here we do the final retouching of the images to get a polished look. Even if the products are shot with a smartphone if you have a professional photographer with the most advanced editing tools you can give a magnificent touch to your photo.  

Optimizing your images

Use minimized tools to optimize your products and less down the unwanted kilobytes. For more proper optimizing make use of relevant metadata and keywords with error-free naming of the images. All this will boost up your organic traffic towards the product and put your products on the top ranking.


To be a successful online entrepreneur in the marketplace it is better to invest little in professional product photography. As the customers don’t have the option to touch or see the product your photograph should do the magic. Moreover, the product photos will take as much of your merchandising and marketing efforts for your brand. So you don’t have to invest much in the advertising and promotions. 

In short, making product photography in a professional way with a budgeted strategy can boost your online business a lot. Check out the Importance of Videos in eCommerce Marketing