10 Amazon FBA errors you can get recompense chances

amazon privilegesAre you aware that frequent Amazon FBA errors can get you reimbursements? You never have to pay more FBA fees, in this article we list common Amazon FBA errors wherein you can claim for a refund. Pay fee only for the things you owe for. 

10 Amazon FBA errors:

Overburdened fee for commission categories

Amazon FBA commission fee ranges from 6% to 45% depending on the categories. It is 45% for amazon device accessories. Categories with Extended Warranties, Protection Plans, and Service Contracts have a 96% fee! It would be better if you choose products under categories that have a 6% to 15% fee. Imagine you have a product that falls under a particular category that has a fee of 6% and mistakenly you have been charged 12% for the complete year. That adds up a whole lot of the wrong fee. In such cases, you can claim for refund. 

Filing returns when you return damaged product by carrier or Amazon

If there is a return request from the buyer, we can’t as for a refund. If there is any damage to the product when in the Amazon warehouse of by the carrier, you can claim for reimbursement.

Reduced stock after closed shipment

Sometimes there might be an error in the number of sellable items and your seller inventory go out-of-stock. This may happen because the FBA centre added less quantity than you have sent. Cross-check the inventory and get the confirmation. The number of products sent and added to inventory as sellable should match.


Refunds issued to customers for products that they have never returned

Some customers will never return products. However, Amazon will refund them and the money will get deducted from your account. But the question is where is the product? This may be an error from customer end, delivery representatives, or FBA itself. As a seller, just report to the FBA centre and get your product back.

Failed Restocking fee

When the customer returned an item with “high price” as a reason, Amazon will charge them a fee called a Restocking fee. Your Amazon seller account will take that restocking fee. Sometimes the product will be returned with damage, this is a loss for you as a seller. Also, Amazon will forget to add Restocking fee to your account.

Product is missing after the return

This is the case where customers returned an item. FBA delivery executive will collect and keep in FBA centre. But, FBA failed to list or product is missing. Sometimes, items are accidentally added to another seller inventory. 

Shipments lost or damaged by an inbound Shipper

Your products must reach the Amazon warehouse safely. Details regarding lost or damaged products by an inbound shipper are traced in Amazon Seller Central. You can claim charges for lost or damaged products by an inbound shipper according to Amazon policies

Refunds issued for more products than the returned products

Sometimes customer receives a refund for extra units or it may be an extra amount. They think that they are getting a refund from the eCommerce giant Amazon!. Unfortunately, It is you, who is paying the refund, A medium or small scale business owner. Thankfully, it is possible to track how many units the refund has been made and it is also possible to make a note of how much amount has been refunded than what they have paid. 

Shipments lost or damaged at Amazon Warehouse

Amazon handles heaps of items every day. They move products quickly and there are chances of items getting lost or damaged. In Amazon seller central reports you can find details about these discrepancies. It is the most common FBA error that many sellers ask a refund for. 

Items charged at a higher dimension 

There is a chance a high fee slab is charged for the normal product category. For larger dimension, extra weight Amazon will charge an extra fee. This extra fee is very high, and sometimes it is accidentally charged for normal package. This case is the issue between Amazon and Sellers, and customers are not involved. However, Amazon errors most of the time involves Customers, FBA and sellers. But extra weight charges are between sellers and FBA. For each product, the cost will be huge, and also claim amount will also become large.

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