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Overview ChannelMAX is a real-time repricer with Algorithmic logic, sales intelligence, Amazon and Walmart integration. Using ChannelMAX you can manage prices, Maximise FBA, Synchronise stock, Search UPC, ASIN and EAN, manage Shipping. It also helps you to reach BuyBox. You can manage multi-channel inventories with ease.   Free trial – Offers 30-days free trial – […]

Solid Commerce

Overview Solid Commerce is a repricer platform. You can manage your eBay, Walmart and Amazon inventory under one dashboard. Solid Commerce has over 30+ eCommerce channels. If you add stocks to your inventory it will update the changes across all channels. One prominent feature called kitting and bundling keeps you informed about your most selling […]


Overview Repriceit is a repricer which helps in automating the price of a product in amazon and hence sell more items for a competitive price. The company was founded in 2006 and Repriceit themself was amazon sellers, later they discovered the importance of automating repricer and made a cloud-based software. Repriceit can be used to […]


Overview Jazva is a multi-channel all in one e-commerce solution software designed to boost sales, manage inventory and much more. Jazva built for B2B, B2C, wholesale retailers, multiple warehouses, online businesses and inventory management. Jazva helps to automate the process of business like automating the reordering, repricing, inventory tracking and shipping. Selling on multiple platforms […]

Seller Republic

Overview The Seller Republic is a repricer for Amazon, eBay and many other market places online. The dynamic design of the software allows sellers to win Buy Box, guarantees price security and optimise the price. The design does not allow to cross minimum and maximum price limits set by you. The built-in Win Buy Box […]


Overview Informed is an online repricer for Amazon, eBay or any other online marketplace. Informed helps in winning Buy Box from the smart algorithms which strategically adjust prices. Informed can be applied according to your business goal. Whether it may be an Online Retail, Retail Arbitrage or Dropshipping. Also, the Informed repricer is helping many […]

Seller Engine

Overview SellerEngine’s repricer is called by the name Sellery, it’s an amazon real-time repricer. Most repricers will take a few minutes to alter the price, sellery uses advanced software mechanism to provide real-time price adjustments. Sellery is a fully customisable tool with intelligent strategies. It is optimised for Amazon buy-box performance. Sellery offers private label […]


Overview Minderest is a price optimisation solution used for monitoring price, promotion and stock in online and offline channels. Minderest is used by startups to large business and brands around the globe. It uses artificial intelligence to support price-fixing plan of the pre-determined items and can be automatically changed with time. It allows the retailers […]


Overview Feedvisor, an Artificial Intelligence-based algorithimic re-pricer for Amazon sellers. Feedvisor helps to improve sales and improve marketing techniques. AI-driven pricing technology makes sure you win Buy Box at a good price. All the parameters which effects buy box are considered and make sure you get it. Also, feedvisor identifies the price of competitor realtime […]