Preparing for Asia’s biggest trade fair for an amazon seller is an important aspect of the business. This enables them to identify the best source, build a healthy relationship with suppliers, commit for long term and trust. When it comes to identifying suppliers, everyone generally goes for the local manufacturer or Chinese sites like Alibaba. But visiting Asia’s largest trade show opens new opportunities. One can explore new products or ideas and grab the opportunity. Visiting a trade fair is way better than writing a business email. Amazon or eBay sellers can save a lot of time by spending a few days in the trading exhibition. Meet the manufacturers and ask for a better deal. Assure long-term partnerships and build trust. 

Trade Fair

Preparation necessary for Trade Fair

China Kids ExpoRegistration online is the best way to avoid the long line at fair. For example, trade shows like Canton Fair can be registered online and apply for an invitation online. Which is mandatory and required for Visa. Make a list of shops you want to visit and plan to visit with the help of Map provided by organisers. Doing so saves a lot of time. Asia’s biggest fair like Canton has more than 50,000 shops. Planning months ahead of visit help you find the right shops.

VPN is a must when going on a trip to China. Else you will end up cutting off from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and all google features. All US-based social media and Google is banned in China. Carry a notebook, pen, smartphone, USB drive, Power Bank, Bag with wheels to carry catalogs, remember there are 50,000+ shops. Wearing comfortable shoes along with a decent dress is a must.

Prepare to demonstrate the ability to buy. Highlight the experience in selling products, number of years in the business, contacts, and network in china if any. What type of products you have sold early? How? When visiting new suppliers you must put these cards on the table to show you are a pro. Through away a question related to some certification that is necessary to manufacture in a particular market. It is recommended to carry a business card along with the catalog of your company that highlights the above-mentioned details. Learn a few words of Mandarin, of course, it is not necessary but it helps when you go to local restaurants or cafes. Speak English slowly, many feel difficult catching the US or UK English. Plan a 30-second quick introduction. In a small span of time, try to tell them about yourself. 

What questions must ask the suppliers?

ShopsThe important one must keep in mind that you are not visiting china to meet trade consultants or brokers. The goal of visiting the trade fair is to reach the manufacturers and build a partnership. Amazon sellers can benefit from high returns by making a direct deal with manufacturers rather than brokers. Ask them a direct question “Do you manufacture “ABC” product?” if yes continue, else start looking somewhere. 

Take all the list of products by the manufacturer. Generally, the products will be very similar. Meaning the material used will be of the same. For example, a plastic toy, plastic phone cover, etc. Material is the same for all the products however, the end product is different. Check the quality control methodology and other important parameters related to production. If you are making a big deal visit the plant later and double-check everything. Private label is another move one can make and it is very beneficial for amazon sellers. Don’t talk too much with “No” suppliers or at unrelated shops. It is best to talk with higher officers or top management executives. One can make a deal for a lower price. 

Exporting is another major factor that will change deals ultimately. The exporting to the country you are selling is a must and it is better if the manufacturer did supply to your country previously. Also, check the other countries’ manufacturer export. Exporting to countries like Rwanda, Iran, Iraq, or Nigeria is generally composed of poor raw materials, less skilled people and poor quality control. Selling these products in countries like the US or Europe is difficult. 


Finally, warp up things before the last day afternoon since many shops will be packing up. After the trade-show, one can plan the factory visit if necessary or ask for a trial. Email the “Request for Quotation” to the manufacturers you shortlisted when visited the trade fair. If you headed back straight to home after the trade fair, don’t forget to drop a follow-up email.