Over the two decades, Amazon has revolutionized the eCommerce industry with its most innovative entrepreneurs. As per the reports, it is the steady growing eCommerce market platform who gives priority to its customers. On the other hand, the thriving business has standardised its rules and regulations in the past years for a quality marketplace. To make business more genuine it has introduced strict plans on the seller accounts too. Thus the significant twist that took place in the Amazon seller account is an account suspension. As per recent reports, there was an increase in the sellers getting suspended from amazon. Some sellers are not much aware of the reasons and some take it lightly. In this article, we will discuss to you the 10 important reasons that lead to account suspensions.

What is an Amazon account suspension?

Amazon Account

Amazon account suspension means you will be suspended from the amazon privileges on selling your products in the marketplaces. Amazon will inform the suspension reasons through a notification email you have to check the stated issues and come up with an appealing action plan to reinstate your privileges back. But this will be a little lagging and can affect your business as well as the credibility of the brand. This suspension is due to three main problems. They are as follows,

  • Performance
  • Violating the Amazon policies
  •  Selling counterfeit products

We will have a broad discussion about these points in the coming paragraphs.

Major three steps in suspending an amazon account

As amazon suspension rates in the marketplace are at its peak. It is better to understand the suspensions hierarchy. There are three major steps involved in the suspension. They are

  • Suspension

The suspension is the first stage of amazon warning you to take action for some of your sales issues. In this level, you have an option of appealing with an action plan to restore your account.

  • Denial

Denial is the second level that amazon will inform you if you are not taking any action on the raised issue or if your plan of action is not precise for solving the problem. In this case, you have to submit a revised plan of action.

  • Banned

It is the worst situation among the three. In this case, you are out of the online game and amazon won’t check your mails hereafter.

10 reasons for account suspension

suspendThe suspension is always a nightmare for the sellers bigger and smaller. Because this suspensions of the account will affect their business badly. So it is better to know the key points that lead to these types of account suspensions. If you know the reasons you can definitely come up with a better solution. In short, be genuine with your products and services provided to the customers. As they can opt you out or grow you in the online industry. These are 10 such reasons that can lead to your amazon seller account suspension

  • Walking away from amazon rules

Amazon has a prospering online market giant has its own strict rules and regulations.  In addition, it won’t accept any disobeying of the rules. Furthermore, for the smooth functioning of the online store, you have to obey the rules regarding the product and the services. 

  • Selling fake and illegal products

fake productsIf you are selling counterfeit or pirated products to the customers by false invoice address it can lead to an immediate ban on the seller account. 

  • Sale of pre-owned goods

Selling inauthentic products is a strict violation of the product rules of amazon. Amazon won’t accept the selling of preowned products as new products. Moreover, always sell quality assured products with the allotted time period.

  •  Fall in amazon metric rate

There are three main metrics through which amazon calculates your performance. In addition, amazon seller account suspension can happen if any of this metric rate falls down.

  • Order defect rate (ODR): This metric rate shows the percentage of orders that receive negative feedback, order complaints and service credit card chargeback.

Amazon also advises its sellers to keep this metric rate below 1% to avoid suspensions.

  • Pre fulfilment cancellation rate: This metrics indicate the seller cancellation of the orders before the shipment to the orders received in the time period. High metric rate shows the low maintenance of the inventory.

    Furthermore, if the rate falls below 2.5% then it will lead to seller account suspension.

  • Late shipment rate: Late shipment rate means the number of orders confirmed for shipment after the ship date divided by the total number of orders in that time.

Furthermore, The late shipment will definitely lead to customer discomfort leading to negative reviews and feedback. 

  • Multiple seller accounts

As per amazon, it allows only one account for each seller pattern. So operating multiple seller accounts can lead to account suspension. Furthermore, if you want to operate multiple accounts you have to request amazon and get permission. 

  • Inauthentic products

Amalgamated products like stickerless and unnamed products are definitely a risky business. If amazon notices the products it will immediately lead to suspension.

  • Requesting paid product reviews

Requesting paid product reviews is another false doing in amazon. If you have to request reviews you can ask them without any paid returns. Genuine product reviews are gained by the quality services and products sales. On the other hand, negative reviews will affect the seller accounts badly as it is counted for better profit margins and sales.

  • Delayed responding to messages

Amazon Predictions- Messaging ServiceIf amazon sent you any warning emails you have to respond to it immediately. Delayed responding will affect your business as this will later lead to the suspension. 

Some sellers take these emails lightly and won’t respond the same. So as an additional tip, you have to respond to all the mails from amazon as soon as possible and clear any doubts regarding the products and services.

  • Late shipment rate

Late shipment rate is calculated by the delay in the delivery of the products by the sellers. Delayed shipment will lead to customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews.

  • Selling products different from the advertised one

There are many cases reported as the product received by the customers will be entirely different from the product described in the advertisement. For instance, in the case of wardrobes, the material changes and designs can lead to customer returns. Furthermore counted as negative feedback that can indirectly lead to the suspension. 


Fortunately, account suspension is not the end of your business with Amazon. You have the option to appeal amazon with an action plan. If amazon feels that you have plans to address the issue then they will definitely give you a chance to reopen your account. In the market, we have many automated seller tools to simplify product selling and avoid account suspension. Opt these tools to make the online business with amazon simplified.