Amazon sellers biggest nightmare is account suspension. After all the efforts, investment and time, many sellers constantly worry about policy and suspension. Not all the sellers worry about the suspension, some care about policies and others suspension. Generally, small retail sellers fear of suspension. This is because of the product sourcing information, invoice or IP (Intellectual Property) claims. Amazon tightly manages the sellers because of the responsibility and name. If any fake or poor quality items are received by customers, amazon brand name takes the hit. Therefore Amazon asks for papers and proofs of sourcing, trademark, brand registration and many other systems which make difficult for unethical sellers.

Amazon asks the proof like an invoice or authentic seller certificates for the products listed by the seller. If sellers don’t have the correct documents, Amazon immediately suspends the account. The suspension will happen before making a single sale. This is a pretty harsh method, however, amazon reinstates the account with valid papers. Also, amazon won’t stop the document verification. Amazon will keep on asking forever. There is no escape from the system. This will eliminate the dropshipping, retail arbitrage or online arbitrage sellers. Some sellers will create fake invoices and use to do the selling, but if they get caught permanent ban will be imposed on them.



This part is very important in Amazon selling business. From Amazon sellers, suppliers, manufacturers and other third parties are the most common product sourcing. 

Sourcing from other amazon sellers is a very bad strategy and if you are practising this, avoid. There is no way one can make good returns, and eventually destroy the seller account.  Amazon considers this as a resale. This strategy can be done for rare or unique items. One must buy initially and later one can resale. Serious sellers find the good, profitable source rather simply resale in amazon. 

Dropshipping generally doesn’t have any source, this is pure online arbitrage without the inventory. Supplier directly ships to customers. Amazon kicks out these types of sellers. 

Supply from brokers or wholesale traders, manufacturers are the best sourcing and amazon welcomes these type of sellers. 

Dropshipping and Arbitrage

AccountingDropshipping or some online arbitrage sellers unable to provide valid papers to Amazon. Somehow they will find a loophole and run for a while, but eventually, they will get banned. Sellers must submit proof of authenticity like an invoice or other papers before making a sale. For dropshipping, this is impossible to get for source. If sellers unable to provide the necessary information there ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) will be revoked immediately. We strongly recommend starting to look for genuine sourcing. A loophole might have worked in the past, but don’t push it forever. Find the right source and submit the proof.

Don’t fake the invoices

fake-invoicesThere are many companies which provide fake invoices and in return, they charge a small fee. This is a disastrous plan one can adopt. In this case, the companies which provided fake invoices are the one who made profits. This is a crime and once amazon notices, you will receive an email of account suspension for fabricating the papers. 

Keep reviewing amazon policies

Keep an eye on policies. Amazon may or may not change policies and regulations. Having updated information and changes will help you tackle the regulatory hurdles. Policies and regulation vary from one country to another. Policies are followed on their terms and conditions, and no point arguing with Amazon for correct interpretation. 

Don’t compare to other sellers

You may not notice other sellers who are practising dropshipping or other tactics. Don’t waste time flagging them unless they are doing something wrong with your business. Amazon doesn’t care who at ask documentation and not. You might be flagged many times and get the yellow card. If you are genuine seller no need to worry, and you can prove that anytime. Also, Amazon is a very big market place and there are so many sellers and it is difficult to keep an eye 24 x 7.

Finally, If you wish to protect your Amazon account from suspension drop the idea of dropshipping, arbitrage with unconfirmed sources and running amazon account from fake invoices. These are the three major cause of account suspension. However, there several other reasons like IP claims will also get the account suspended. Avoid these factors to protect the account and start looking for a genuine source of products.