The online markets are redefining the way of our global marketing. Many sellers are moving from the traditional brick and mortar stores to online selling. Catching with the changing trend in these instant markets is a significant step. But without knowing the rules and regulations of the markets, it will be a tight story. 

On the contrary, If a market is booming much, there will be a strict strategy controlling the functions. These steps are worth to gain an extensive customer database. 

Amazon Account

But to catch up with this momentum, we have to do a thorough study about the market before jumping to the selling platform.

Amazon suspensions are a crucial thing to consider as last year, and there was a significant increase in the su7spended accounts. As amazon is strictly pursuing its mission of putting its customers in the prime place, the sellers must be more cautious.

So here are 10 common reasons for Amazon account suspension: 

  • Delay in the product complaint address

 If there is an intellectual property law violated, the rights owner will highlight a problem against the amazon seller. So if a complaint is raised, it should be clarified soon. product compliant

As a quick step against this critical issue, amazon will take away the product listings of the seller and request a product retraction.

But some sellers won’t take it seriously and leave the warning. Later we can see that the slow decision making leads to the suspension of the seller account.

In short, clarify the highlighted problem as soon as possible. 

  • Multiple seller accounts in amazon

Numerous seller accounts without amazon’s approval will face immediate prohibition. Amazon monitors strictly about the linked accounts to a business account with the same IP address.

  • Hacking Amazon seller accounts

In many cases, we can see that the amazon seller was suspended for no reason. By thorough research, amazon found some hacker accounts that change the seller account details and transfer it to their accounts.

In most cases, amazon is vigilant about hackers through suspicious activities, but it is the seller who has to be more diligent in such cases.

  • Restricted product sales

Restricted productAccording to the amazon policies, the sale of illegal, unsafe, and limited products are prohibited.

However, in FBA, there is a strict list of products to be sold.

  • Unauthorized sales sellers

Amazon lacks an exclusive distribution agreement which can protect unauthorized sellers.

Instead, some manufacturers have introduced such an agreement that sets up the list of distributors who can sell their goods.

  • Copyright misuse

Always beware of the copyright law in amazon. Amazon will take instant actions in such cases.

  • Fake complaints

Being proactive in the customer issues will help to lesser down the false claims posted under their products.

  • Starting a new account as a suspension remedy

Try to clear your suspension quickly through appeal or taking a practical action to tackle it. 

Instead of finding a solution making a new account is a wrong decision, and it can affect your account credibility. 

  • Delayed shipment

Delayed shipment affects your reputation in the marketplace. And if any customers highlight it, it is regarded as a negative review. 

So make use of the Amazon FBA if you are no0t confident in your shipment services.

  • Selling used items

If you are selling used items, be cautious about the quality selling. Like missing of any product, the part will affect your account wrongly.

Label the products new and used precisely to avoid such confusions and to lose product credibility.

Removal of the amazon privileges

Sellers who receive an account suspension will receive a message stating that their selling privileges have been removed. The message also carries along with a list of ASINs which violated the policies.

amazon privileges

Significant three reasons that trigger the privilege removal are,

  1. If amazon calculates your performance down to the bottom line. The seller has to expect an account suspension followed by freezing of privileges 

This is strict because amazon values their customers a lot.  

  1. Violating the Amazon policies
  2. Selling controlled items.

Here are some tips that help you cross the hardship fo seller account suspensions.

  • Request an annotation on your account to prove that the ASIN is not fake

Always keep a close eye on the quality of services and products traded by your account.

Amazon values its customers the most, so be more alert on the negative feedback, product returns, and improper orders.

Besides, Keeping customers happy is the crucial tip to be maintained in your marketplace.  

  • Respond quickly through the amazon seller app 

Install the app soon if you have a seller account in amazon. Responding to the issues will become faster through the app facility. 

Besides, this will be a significant negative remark on your product, and there will be a suspension waiting for your account.

So always label your products with great caution as “new” for new products and “used” for the used ones.

  • Check your product listings to avoid unnecessary private labeling

Give a perfect picture of the product to the customers who use your private labeling. 

Also, make them aware of how your products stand out from the other similar products in the market.

  • Close and record the old listings

Giving more leverage to FBA selling can help you to stay away from the online frauds. 

Consequently, Swapping problematic ASINs to the FBA plan will also help you to gross more genuine income.

  • Avoid the selling of fake products

fake productsDon’t put your seller account at risk by mere counterfeit goods available in the market. Take the quality of the product more seriously as amazon is very strict in these criteria. 

Final Thoughts

Even though amazon suspension is a hurdle in the online business by making use of the above tactics, we hope that the sellers can succeed in some genuine sales and profit. 

Furthermore, Returns and refunds are part of the selling game. Don’t pressurize your workplace as you receive a refund or product return.

Instead, demand them a positive review in return to safeguard your product image in the market.

Always give more importance to the customers as they have high power in amazon.